Boys Be Ambitious, and Girls Wanna Have Fun in Sapporo!!

Hokkaido Entertainment 2015.11.20
Our adventure will take us through Hokkaido for 2 days and 1 night as we soak in the magnificent changing of the seasons plus Japan's only all-in-one Evangelion themed, Manga, Restaurant & Internet Entertainment Center.
  • #New Chitose Airport Ramen Street
    #New Chitose Airport Ramen Street
    Located on the third floor of New Chitose Airport, there is a street dedicated to 10 mouth-watering Ramen shops! It's also a good photo spot, and overall good place to satisfy your food needs.
  • #A Certified Shot
    #A Certified Shot
    #Japan's only all-in-one Evangelion, Manga, Restaurant & Internet Entertainment Center
    Known as the Jiyuku-kan, this massive building houses many amenities including but not limited to arts, pool, comics, movies, an internet cafe, relaxation rooms, and karaoke!
    Soon as you enter the building you're greeted with a life-sized Evangelion. Finally your chance to get a selfie with an Evangelion! Sweet!
  • # Sapporo Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower
    # Sapporo Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower
    The amazing views of autumn foliage in Odori Park is an indispensable tourist spot.
    A great place to enjoy a brisk walk, or take a seat and enjoy the show the leaves are putting on.
    It's such a great sight to see the TV Tower on a beautiful day!

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  • # Why a Clock Tower?
    # Why a Clock Tower?
    Why is this Sapporo Clock Tower selected by three must-see tourist spots in Japan?
    This isn't a "promotion"? 
    Presumably the thought that this visually stunning older building looks so out of place in this more modern city.
    Anyway, it's nearby Odori Park,  home to the Sapporo TV Tower, so it's definitely worth a quick peak.
  • # Tanuki Koji
    # Tanuki Koji

    Nearby Odori Park in Sapporo's  Susukino district downtown, there is a Shopping arcade that connects and covers a bunch of outdoor style market shots!
    Hey!, you can still stop until you drop, but in a dry yet bracingly cool indoor/outdoor store. 
  • Bottoms up!
    Bottoms up!
    We tried to arrange things to help you enjoy our trip to Sapporo.
    No adventure is complete without a night out with friends. In Sapporo, like many other cities in Japan there are a number of izakayas (Japanese style pub) where you can enjoy yourselves into the wee hours of the night.
# At the end of October in Sapporo
# At the end of October in Sapporo
At the end of October in Sapporo the trees put on a spectacular show. Now stacked starting in early November snow making. Walking through the park you will quickly notice that it's a haven for photographers looking to find the perfect shot of this beautiful landscape.

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