Autumn Foliage Season in Sapporo is Already Over !!!

Hokkaido Entertainment 2015.11.25
We spent a couple hours in the popular Nakajin Park soaking in the Autumn colors and have a load of images we can't wait to show. Take a visual walk through Nakajin Park in the heart of Sapporo, Hokkaido with us.

Subway Nanboku line, "Nakajima Koen Station Exit 3"

A peaceful escape from the city, within the city. Reminiscent of Ueno park in Tokyo! This park truly is beautiful. If you like to feel the changing of the seasons, we recommend this very spot, "Nakajima Park" to anyone who wants to take pretty pictures of the fall foliage.

Nakajima Park
Entry: Free
Transportation: Metro Nakajima Koen Station on Nanboku Line, Exit 1,3
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  • # Beautiful Maple Leaves lie astray
    # Beautiful Maple Leaves lie astray
    The beautiful foliage ...
    A visual representation of the passage of time. The tree is going to wither as it prepares for winter but of course, there has to be death to bring about a new life so it can also be interpreted as a sign of new birth! ^^
  • Blue skies with a chance of red, green and yellow leaves
    Blue skies with a chance of red, green and yellow leaves
    Just as cherry blossoms are a big hit in the spring, autumn is a time to relax warmly, under these beautiful trees and enjoy the brisk, cool air with a warm cup of tea.

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  • # All the leaves have fallen
    # All the leaves have fallen
    Typically the best time to view foliage like this is around September.
    The winter snow season in Sapporo usually arrives at the end of November to early December. Considering that the Sapporo Snow Festival is held every year around the end of January, with a mid-December trip to Sapporo you'd find a Snow-white world.

Foliage season in Sapporo is already over !!!

Photographed on our trip to Sapporo in October,
we visited to Nakajima Park in Sapporo and you can almost feel colors of the season. It's true that these pictures are over a month old, but the feeling is still alive within the pictures! Something to plan for, for the coming year. Let's meet up in Sapporo next year k?

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Basic Info
NameNakajin Park
StationMetro Nakajima Koen Station on Nanboku Line, Exit 1,3
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