Why we LOVE Hokkaido! Foilage, Seafood and of course EVANGELION!!

Hokkaido Entertainment 2015.12.02
Take a trip with us to the Jiyu Kukan Urban Sapporo Store, Hokkaido! An action packed fun center with unlimited hours of entertainment.

# Face-to-face with a Mech

Soon as you walk through the doors the mood is cleary set with a giant mech staring you in the face! Perhaps it's there to scare away those who aren't willing to take the challenge. Willing to face a mech head on!

We had heard there was an Evangelion in Sapporo and had to make our way over to see it!
Imagine a cafe/restaurant with the concept of Evangelion including internet rooms, comics and relaxation rooms!

~Jiyu Kukan (Space Create)~
Hokkaido "Urban Sapporo Store" of Jiyu Kukan x Evangelion cafe
The only one in Japan!
Let's explore this special space "Jiyu Kukan" of Sapporo!!!
  • # Most advanced entry system
    # Most advanced entry system
    Showcasing the forefront of technology, similar to the gates at the train stations.
    "Backroll entry!"
    Just place your QR code at an unmanned rotary entry gate!
    Simple and quick entry!
    Wow!!! Blasting towards the future with this new advanced tech!
  • # Jiyu Kukan (Space Create)  
    # Jiyu Kukan (Space Create)  
    Urban Sapporo Store featuring EVANGELION

    Enjoy the world of "Evangelion," which celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 4, 2015
    Here we go! All the Evangelion fans in the World, unite!
    Welcome to the "The holy land of EVA" during your Hokkaido trip! 

  • Heeeeey!
    Rei Ayanami at reception counter!
    A cute recreation of the original character in a lifesize proportion so you can see how you stack up size-wise.
    "Welcome to the Evangelion Cafe! Let's check in first!"
  • # Multi-language operation in tablet!
    # Multi-language operation in tablet!
    Knocking down language barriers one by one!
    If you " Don't speak Japanese"  >.<
    No problem! You can communicate with the staff
    via the interpretation operator!

    Let's select a plan, then get an admission ticket!
    Let's go!

# Cool!!!

Not just a bookstore, but instead a haven for those who love all things anime, and manga culture. If you have any appreciation for the culture in any capacity we implore you to check out the Jiyu Kukan.

Indeed, a kingdom of manga (comics)!

The books are organized by genre and publisher similar to a library, showcasing the newer editions towards the front. It's also fast and convenient to find what you're looking for via the search database.

#English Comics

Wow!!!  You're telling me they have the WHOLE Dragon Ball series?!!!
Oh man, there goes my social life!! Take a look and you can find your
favorite series as well!

It's really a convenience to have both languages in the same store and really impressive they would go through the trouble of securing both editions!

(Pro-tip, read your favorite series in English, then in Japanese
to learn new Japanese words!)

  • # Internet Room
    # Internet Room
    If privacy is your angle then the Jiyu Kukan has the perfect rooms for
    your anti-social tendencies. These private booths let you enjoy the Internet,
    online games, comics and movies in a private room. And the best part is
    you can order food from the room too! You can choose room with mat,
    reclining chair and massage chair. All that's missing is your mother to wash
    your clothes after you're clothes after your done right?
  • Pool Hall
    Pool Hall
    There are also various amusement amenities in the
    different Jiyu Kukans nationwide: Karaoke, table tennis,
    billiards and darts for example. Please enjoy billiards and
    darts at Urban Sapporo Store responsibly, meaning don't be a sore loser!!
  • # To the ones who would like to refresh ...
    # To the ones who would like to refresh ...
    After falling in love with the Jiyu Kukan, it's easy to lose track
    of time or get sweaty from all the games you'll be playing. But 
    you can refresh yourself within the building! That's right, there 
    is actually a shower room available!!

    Time to get squeaky clean then go back to games!

# Enjoy Eva Lunch!

"The synchronous rate of this sausage and octopus is 120%!"
"This Asuka drink fully opens the AT field!"
Let's pretend we are with the first aircraft, Shinji, and
Asuka while enjoying the delicious world of Eva!!

 More info:

Adventure Awaits..

Jiyu Kukan Urban Sapporo Store, Hokkaido
2F Urban Sapporo Building, Chūō-ku, Minami 3 Jōnishi, 4 −8−2, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063
Click to see google map

TEL: 011-252-6750
Open Hour: 24/7  all year around
Facilities: Internet PC (GIGALAN 1G · Win7 / XP · MS Office)
Various comics, magazines, newspapers, comic search system 
DS games cafe / café corner / color printer / coin game arcade /
  Products from convenience store / shower room (extra charge) / billiard / family room /
  Massage chair / mat booth / reclining chair / smoking area / non smoking seat, etc.

Basic Info
NameJiyu Kukan Urban Sapporo Store, Hokkaido
Address2F Urban Sapporo Building, Chūō-ku, Minami 3 Jōnishi, 4 −8−2, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0063
StationSapporo Station
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