Check Out Japanese Broadcasting at the NHK Studio Park

Tokyo Entertainment Theme park 2019.09.06
It's like a television theme park, full of Japanese television fun. Whether you love TV or not, we've all seen a clip or two of Japan's crazy variety shows. Japan has some intriguing broadcasting, and we can thank NHK (Japan's national channel) for plenty of it.
Getting to the Studio Park
  • NHK Studio Park gives you an inside look at Japanese broadcasting, with lots of areas where you can experience a little of the magic, and even real live broadcasts inside the complex every day. The building is in Yoyogi Park, which means it's easily accessible from Shibuya Station, and right by Harajuku and Yoyogi Stations. (Check it out on google maps.)
  • It's open from 10 in the morning to 6 at night, and admission is a cheap 200 yen per person (plus, anybody under 18 or over 65 gets in for free)! Buy your tickets in English from the handy machines, or if you prefer, Korean or Chinese.
About Domo-kun
  • If you were the kind of person who appreciated Hot Topic 10 years ago, or perhaps just a well-informed netizen, you might recognize the rectangular form of our friend Domo. This strange monster was born from an egg, and he's also an official mascot for NHK. There is something charming about Domo-kun's strange, angry face!
  • Part of Domo's job as an official NHK mascot? To sell merchandise, of course! There's a pretty good selection at the NHK Studio Park, so show off your love for the weird character with a Domo-kun t-shirt or keychain. When you get back home people will be stopping you with nostalgia in their eyes, to ask where you got it.
All the Park's Attractions
  • ① ? Room
    ① ? Room
    This room is, at its core, about scientific discovery. As they suggest, you can "change your ? to !". The room is a fun place to explore your surroundings using a hands-on approach.
  • ② Animation Factory
    ② Animation Factory
    Ever wondered how your favorite anime are made? Even if you have a cursory understanding of the process, this room lets you in on the world of animation. You can even try being a voice actor! Maybe you have a future career in dubbing, and you just never knew it.
  • ③ NHK Quest
    ③ NHK Quest
    Brushing up on your Japanese? Love Japanese culture? Then this is the room for you. Work through the various "quests" by answering questions and getting quizzed on Japanese TV shows, music, and other pop culture.
  • ④ Creative Lab
    ④ Creative Lab
    In this age of youtube and instagram, just about everyone can find a use for video editing, so try your hand at it in the "creative library." Hone your skills by perfecting a video of our friend Domo-kun.
  • ⑤ Drama Library
    ⑤ Drama Library
    A destination for j-drama lovers from all over the world, the drama library has dioramas of TV show sets alongside real documentation from various productions, plus Japanese celebrity autographs.
  • There are even props from popular historical dramas.
  • ⑥ Studio Park News
    ⑥ Studio Park News
    For those who long for the chance to stand in front of a green screen and tell the world about the day's news, you can live out your dream in this area. Maybe you'll be scouted to become one of NHK's many famous news anchors!
Taking a Break
  • Museum and theme park food options can be a worry, but NHK Studio Park actually has pretty reasonable food. From snacks to full meals, the range of options isn't bad either!
  • Enjoy lunch with Domo-kun! You'll have to treat him, though... he doesn't have a wallet.

    Portions are pretty reasonable at the restaurant, and prices average around 900 yen. Not unreasonable for a meal in Tokyo.
  • If you just want to hang out for a minute with a drink from the vending machine, you can also head towards this Domo-themed lounge. Domo-kun doesn't look especially pleased at the prospect of having his head sat on, though.
  • All ready to say goodbye to Domo-kun? It's a sad parting, but there's lots of other fun things to do in the area, so it'll be bittersweet. Turn back outside to explore the rest of Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Jingu Shrine!

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