A Look at the Cosplay of Magic Kyoto 2019

Kansai Entertainment Magic kyoto 2019.11.13
This year's Magic Kyoto convention brought together an international crew of world-famous cosplayers, all in the same room at the same time - a true show of just how big a movement cosplay culture has become. Whether you're a fan of anime like Naruto, games like League of Legends, or even big Hollywood superhero blockbusters like Aquaman, there's a little bit of cosplay here for you.
From Magic Monaco to Magic Kyoto
In 2015, the very first Magic Monaco event was held just outside of Monte Carlo. It was a gathering for lovers of animation and video games, fantasy and science fiction, and anybody who likes a little magic in their lives. After seeing repeated success in Monaco, 2018 brought the very first Magic Kyoto to Japan, an international convention held in the heart of ancient Japan. This year, Japankuru had the chance to join in on the 2019 event. Not only did we get to learn about working on shows like Game of Thrones, and games like Shenmue, we also got to see pro cosplayers in action!
2019's Cosplay Ambassadors
This year's Magic Kyoto featured a full 40-minute cosplay performance, set to music and coordinated to show off each of the talented cosplayers' fantastic costumes to their fullest. The "cosplay ambassadors" came from all over the world (10 cosplayers plus one cosplay photographer, from 8+ different countries), each bringing a little bit of their home country's cosplay culture with them.
Of course the costumes were pretty varied as well, with NarutoKakashi, and Blair from Soul Eater standing side by side with Mera from Aquaman and Xayah from League of Legends.
You can find a full list of this year's guests, and a little information on each of the cosplayers' past accomplishments, right here.
Touring Kyoto with the Cosplayers
Aside from just pulling off an extended cosplay show on the day of Magic Kyoto 2019, though, the cosplay ambassadors had a busy schedule on the surrounding days as well.
In costume and in everyday wear, the cosplayers toured Kyoto, seeing a little bit of what the region has to offer, and in turn sharing a little bit of international cosplay culture with the Kyoto countryside.
In addition, working with J.Funding crowdfunding, the cosplayers filmed a video in collaboration with Gainax Kyoto (the studio behind Neon Genesis Evangelion). Taking advantage of the nearby Toei Uzumasa Eigamura (Kyoto Studio Park), the cosplayers explored the old-fashioned film sets while suited up in costumes of all kinds, with an underlying theme of being "transported to another world". If you love the imagery, you can still support the video project by buying the connected photobook.
This year's Magic Kyoto brought together a community with members all over the world, creating connections and friendships between different nations... and different fandoms. Look out for Magic Kyoto 2020, to find out what fantastic cosplay these and other talented creators will come up with in the next 12 months!
In the meantime, if you love to cosplay yourself and want to set up a photoshoot in Japan (or you just want some great pictures in everyday clothes), we recommend you head north to Aizumura for some truly fantastic settings!

Did you make it to Magic Kyoto 2019? Or maybe you just like to cosplay closer to home? Tell us all about your experiences, and share your pictures with us, on twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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