Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms Have Been Sighted in Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture

Kanto Entertainment Sakura 2020.02.05
News have reported early cherry blossom blooming at the south of the Boso Hanto peninsula in Chiba prefecture on the second of February. *Image used for the top thumbnail is not the picture of the cherry blossom that is at subject.
Cherryblossoms usually start blooming around mid to late March. However, some news and local media reported that blooming cherry blossoms have been sighted at the south of Chiba's Boso Peninsula due to the warmer climate.
While there are cherry blossom forecast maps for the year have been announced, Minamiboso the south tip of Chiba's peninsula has been experienced early blooming cherry blossoms, earlier than anywhere else as some media reported.
Reports say the warmer weather at the end of January around the area might have caused the early bloom of the cherry blossoms.

The temperature at Tateyama, a city next to the Minamiboso city, during the day has been at least 12.2℃ (53.96℉) for the past week, at one point even reaching 18.6℃ (65.48℉) on the 29th of January.
  • *Image is not of the current cherry blossoms that are blooming in Chiba prefecture.
A particular cherry blossom called Gancho-Zakura【元朝桜:がんちょうざくら】 at the Houko-en park/gardens have been reported blooming since the end of January. This park/garden also has daffodils growing at the moment so it might be nice to visit for a weekend.

Houko-en 【抱湖園:ほうこえん】
Address: Wadacho Hanasono, Minamiboso, Chiba 299-2701, Japan
Places like Yachiyo, also a city in Chiba prefecture, have reported early blooming cherry blossoms near the Yachiyo bridge, located at north of Michinoeki Yachiyo.

Have you seen any cherry blossoms blooming where you are at?
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