How are you doing, Japan? <Vol.001> Sunshine Aquarium (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

Tokyo Entertainment Aquarium 2020.03.06
In the midst of postponed plans, closed facilities, and worries about COVID-19 all around, the JAPANKURU team wanted to find out just what's up in Japan, right here, right now! So we asked: How are you doing, Japan? Today, we bring you the latest from Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Sunshine Aquarium is reopening on June 8th, 2020.
The otters, penguins, seals, and all the aquarium's other residents are ready and waiting to welcome you back!
Check the details on the official website.

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So, Sunshine Aquarium, how are you doing?

Sunshine Aquarium is a busy facility located right in the middle of things in Ikebukuro, a busy shopping area usually crowded with locals and travelers alike. The combination of interiors that make the whole building feel underwater, and its actual rooftop view of Ikebukuro, makes for a pretty interesting atmosphere. As a gathering place for people from all over, however, the aquarium is taking measures to avoid any dangers presented by coronavirus. The facilities are closed until March 15th as a preventative measure.

All the underwater friends at the aquarium, though? They're doing just fine! The animals of Sunshine Aquarium are going on with their daily lives, happily splashing and swimming and eating as usual! And the aquarium staff are still in every day, to take care of our water-loving animal buddies, and share a little of their day with us via Twitter (@Sunshine_Aqua) and Youtube. According to the aquarium, they're just hoping the cute pictures and little clips of the animals will bring a little fun and relaxation to everybody's day!
  • The aquarium's Asian small-clawed otters, Raja, Mahalo, and Momiji, are a happy little family, and they are certainly just adorable as ever. Today's state of affairs: napping in a pile together, as usual.
  • Chap♂ and Paco♀, Sunshine Aquarium's resident California sea lions, maintain an entertainingly careful distance. As they contentedly sun themselves in the warm spring sunshine, the way they looking away from each other... it does seem meaningful, doesn't it? 
  • The Cape penguins of the Sunshine Aquarium "Penguins in the Sky" exhibit. The way they slip through the water looks so satisfying!
Lunch time! This is the best time for aquarium staff to check on how all the penguins are doing. Just by looking at the penguins' appetites, and their enthusiasm, you can tell a lot about how they're feeling in general.
Here we see the humphead wrasse of the aquarium's large Sunshine Lagoon tank. Wave your hand and call them over, and they'll get up close just to snag a snack!
To all of you out there who saw this handful of pictures and videos and thought "So relaxing; I need even more cute animals!"

The staff at Sunshine Aquarium update their social media all the time, with that relaxing cute animal content you crave! So check in with the aquarium's lively animals whenever you need a moment of adorable tranquility.

Twitter: Follow them at @Sunshine_Aqua for the very latest in cheerful animal content!
Facebook: And check them out at @Sunshine.aquarium.official for more official information about aquarium goings-on, published in Japanese.
YouTube: Find their channel at SunshineAquarium, where you can watch livestreams of the penguins, sea lions, and cute clownfish!
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