Take A trip to a Winter Paradise with CANMAKE

Chubu Entertainment 2016.02.23
Although we're still out battling the bitter chill of winter the good news is it's almost over!...
  • Stay Beautiful with CANMAKE
    Stay Beautiful with CANMAKE
    CANMAKEs snow-white transparent makeup eliminates the dry skin problem for most who venture out into the cold and bear the cool frigid air.

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  • Before & After
    Before & After
    With CANMAKEs Snowy Winter Makeup you can transform yourself in a matter of minutes. Transform those tired eyes and effects from using other haggard makeup into a beautiful new winter-like transparent appearance.

    More info about the application process:
  • Transparent Makeup
    Transparent Makeup
    They say the best way to show your true beauty is by showing your true self, and this transparent makeup will give you a chance to do just that. CANMAKEs makeup doubles as a protector for your skin against the elements so make sure you apply before venturing out!^^

Smooth Snowy Winter Makeup’s Best Combination ♡

①Marshmallow Finish Powder
¥ 940 + TAX

②Glow Fleur Highlighter
¥ 800 + TAX

③Secret Color Eyes
¥ 650 + TAX

④Lip & Cheek Gel
¥ 600 + TAX

⑤Power Cheeks
¥ 550 + TAX
  • Have you ever visited a winter resort in Japan?
    Have you ever visited a winter resort in Japan?
    If you're thinking of spending a substantial amount of time on the slopes, be sure to apply some sunscreen to protect your skin. Paying special attention to the skin exposed outside of the goggles and other clothing, use a step higher than (SPF 30 ~ 40) such as a special sports sunscreen (SPF 50).
  • Naeba Ski Resort! Just 2 Hrs. From Tokyo!
    Naeba Ski Resort! Just 2 Hrs. From Tokyo!
    Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo by car, Naeba Ski Resort is one of the most comfortable ski resorts around. Head down the steps after leaving your room, throw your belongings into a locker, head out the front door and wham! You're already on the slopes and the lift is right in front of your face!

    - Naeba Ski Resort 

You can't grow until you learn to fall!

First thing you need to know about snowboarding or skiing, you're going to fall, a lot! No point in making excuses either, because it's all part of the learning process. Pay attention to the way you fall more than anything else. When falling while snowboarding it's important to to brace in 
a very specific way:
Falling forward:
-do not reach your palms out in front of you.
-absorb the impact using your forearm
Falling backwards:
- do not stick your arms out behind you
-if possible turn your body slightly and absorb the impact
as much as you can using your whole body.

Are you properly equipped

Protective equipment is required at the ski resort rather than suggested. Helmets, goggles, wrist guards, knee pads, etc. equipment such as these must be worn on the ski slopes. Realistically it's quite cumbersome when you're wearing all the gear, not to mention not the most attractive.  As a result some people don't take some or any protective measures. However the aim of the equipment is to reduce the risk of injury so why would you not use it?
  • Racing into the Night
    Racing into the Night
    Hit the slopes at night for a special treat. You can expect there to be less than half as many people when compared to daytime. You use the extra space for practice and also enjoy the tranquility of the night. 
  • Illuminating the Night
    Illuminating the Night
    A dreamy night sky illuminated with christmas lights and the yellow lamps of the slopes. Exciting scenes like this make all the travel worth it.
  • Above all else, have a good time!
    Above all else, have a good time!
    Pay special attention to our advice about managing yourskin with sunscreen.  If the skin is continuously exposed to the dry, cold winds of the ski resort for a long time, dryness, as well as spots, freckles, pigmentation, etc.

    For more tips and info:
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