Japanese Sashimi Chef Turns Fish into Art

Nationwide Entertainment Stayhome 2020.05.04
This sashimi art is like nothing you've ever seen before, and it's delicious to boot.
In Japan and all over the world, artists have been painting pictures and creating art with a variety of materials since time immemorial. But one unique artist has drawn the attention of internet users across the country with the use of a particularly unusual medium. Presented on round, rusticly-textured traditional Japanese plates, this sashimi art uses tuna, salmon, octopus, and more as its palette, creating some pretty fishy pieces.

The artist behind all this is Twitter user Mikyoui (@mikyoui00), who buys fish from the market and uses an eye for design and some masterful knife skills to turn them into sophisticated works of art. The second a new plate is uploaded onto Twitter, followers flock to comment on it, admiring the skill and beauty of the art.
  • This "Octopus Princess" is one of the artist's own favorites, thanks to the great contrast between the red and white, and the soft curls and octopus tendrils of the hair.
  • Things aren't just limited to lovely ladies in gorgeous dresses, though. Mikyoui has posted scaled dragons made entirely of swordfish, alongside angels with feathered squid-meat wings and a body of yellowtail and salmon.
  • In an interview the artist has said that they learned the techniques used for this sashimi art when they studied the beautiful ways that fugu (ふぐ, blowfish) is arranged, but since they don't have a license to work with fugu (which requires years of training to prepare safely), they work with other kinds of fish instead. It certainly makes for a more colorful palette than the translucent white flesh of fugu! Mikyoui has been posting all kinds of colorful work, and with the traction their Disney princesses have been getting, it's no surprise that the comments are littered with things like "with the DVD of Frozen 2 coming out soon, I'd love if you'd make Anna and Elsa!"

    Have you seen any other amazing creativity coming out of Japan recently? Do you love sashimi so much you just can't contain it? Let us know on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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