The Life of a Japanese Panda During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Tokyo Entertainment Stayhome 2020.05.03
Ueno Zoo is famous for its pandas, and thankfully we're getting frequent updates despite the coronavirus quarantine.
With Tokyo nearing a month under an official state of emergency lockdown, and Japan in general practicing social distancing since almost the beginning of the year, all of us (including the Japankuru team) are starting to feel it. Which is probably why it's so satisfying right now for us all to see Ueno Zoo's pandas looking just as bored, lazy, and stationary as we all feel.
Just look at that yawn from Xiang Xiang (also known as Shan Shan). We get it, Xiang Xiang. It's a lazy day in Ueno.
Ueno Zoo is just one of the many zoos and aquariums around Japan who have been sharing their cutest animals on Twitter every day, to bring a little bit of joy to our stressful quarantined lives. But there's something about the way pandas live every day that makes Ueno Zoo's daily panda updates seem particularly appropriate. I mean, just look at Ri Ri (Xiang Xiang's father) taking a nap in the corner. Is that not all of us right now?
Xiang Xiang climbing down to just dive right into a pile of bamboo is just like every single one of us searching for snacks all day after accomplishing... anything at all.
After refraining from going out to eat in public for months, even that bamboo is starting to look pretty good.
There's just no resisting the adorably relatable antics of Ueno Zoo's pandas, and we're immensely grateful that they're keeping up such regular updates! We can't wait to see what the zoo's pandas are up to tomorrow, too.

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