Exciting News for Mother & Earthbound Fans - But Not Too Exciting

Nationwide Entertainment News 2020.05.01
There's news from creator of the cult-favorite RPG Mother series, but fans probably shouldn't hold their breath about the Hobonichi Mother Project.
The recent announcement from Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the Mother RPG series, has fans feeling expectant and a little confused. While the reveal of the Hobonichi Mother Project (ほぼ日『MOTHER』プロジェクト) had hopes up concerning the release of a new Mother (Earthbound) game, it seems that the plans are still a little less major than that.
For English-speaking lovers of the game series, the news released in video form was not particularly easy to parse.
  • In the end, though, thanks to the quick work of bilingual fans on Twitter, the announcement from the Hobonichi Mother Project became clear. For now, the project is creating a script book. As they put it, "we're compiling all of the language of Mother into a book. All of the words in all three Mother games, in full."
  • Of course, while diehard fans might be pleased to hear any news at all about the Mother series, and collectors will surely be happy to snap up a script book of all three games, many fans were left hoping for a little more. The "to be continued..." at the end of the Twitter video doesn't imply anything in particular, but many are hoping that it means more news is coming soon... perhaps a new game, even? We'll have to wait and see with the rest of the fans!
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