Stay Home & Craft Your Own Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mascots ~ A Little Japanese Quarantine Fun ~ Part 3

Nationwide Entertainment Stayhome 2020.05.13
Got kids bored by COVID-19? Feeling a little listless yourself, looking for things to do at home? Have a little fun while social distancing, with mascot-themed colorings pages and Japanese papercraft!
Feeling disappointed about the Olympics being postponed? Don't let it bring you down! If you love the cute Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascots as much as the kids of Japan, you can bring a little bit of the fun to you. This being the Olympics, any number of adorable and expensive bits of mascot-themed merchandise are of course available direct from the source, but in light of COVID-19 and the world being in lockdown, Tokyo 2020 is offering just a little bit Olympic fun for free online.
Papercraft figurine expert or total novice, we suspect that these simple crafts are doable no matter your experience level. In no time you'll have your own little mascots (Miraitowa and Someity) to stand on your desk, or take an imposing stance on your mantel.
Just print off the PDF pages, downloadable right from the Tokyo 2020 official website, and you can get started. The simple instructions are available in English, too, for easy crafting. For any papercraft addicts (or new fans) out there, there are more options over on Canon Japan's official website. The website isn't all that hard to navigate, but downloading the PDF templates does require registration in Japanese (and there are no English instructions for beginners), so perhaps it's a good opportunity to study a little Japanese, too.
For a different kind of crafting, a little less finicky and a little more free-form, there are Miraitowa and Someity coloring pages! Miraitowa might look good in groovy rainbow tie-dye and Someity might just be begging for a footwear upgrade. Cowboy boots perhaps? Let the creativity flow, these are your mascots now.


・Download the templates and coloring pages here, on the official Tokyo 2020 website.・

Going to print out your papercraft and coloring pages right now? (Maybe your eyes are begging for a break from staring at the screen?) Well, the Japankuru team would love to see what you create! Show us what you got on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!

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