Tobu Zoo: Meet the white tiger! Ride on a roller coaster!

Tokyo Entertainment Tobu zoo 2015.09.07
New discovery!!! Come here to Tobu Zoo!!

Tobu Zoo

An integrated hybrid leisure land

-Tobu Zoo-

Just 76-min from Shibuya

Just 44-min from Ueno

And just 35-min from Asakusa by limited express train!

Located at Saitama, neighboring prefecture of Tokyo

Zoo and amusement park (Will become a water park in summer)

It is nice collaboration of theme park 

(junior high school student or older)
(3 years old or older)
(60 years old or older)
Ticket for a ride
Admission fee only¥1,700¥700¥1,000¥300 ~
One Day Pass
(admission fee + unlimited ride pass)
Pool Charge
(admission fee + pool charge) * Available only in summer

  • Cute and energetic white tigers' family
    Cute and energetic white tigers' family
    Don't wanna miss the chance of meeting all of them at the same time? Ride on a Tobu Sky Tree Line Or it is directly access to the Tokyo METRO Hibiya Line / Hanzomon Line. Get off at Tobu-doubutsu-koen Station! Just 10-min from train station to Tobu Zoo If you don't wanna walk, you can take shuttle bus (charged) at the west exit! Just 5-min ride, then you can reach the destination! Tickets for adults 170 yen / child 90 yen
  • A unique theme park near Tokyo! Zoo and...
    A unique theme park near Tokyo! Zoo and...
    Large collection of various recreational facilities! ~Pleasure land area (Amusement park)~ It assembled a total of 33 large and small attractions.
  • White Tiger shrine?
    White Tiger shrine?
    White tiger is believed as an "incarnation of God" and would bring good luck to people! Wanna make a wish??
  • Feeding time!
    Feeding time!
    What a precious experience! Time: Every Saturday from 11:00~ the first 15 groups of participants Fee: 500 yen (Changes happens according to the status of white tigers)

Shopping time =)

Not only the stuffed dolls.

but also a variety of small items, snack, souvenir and T-shirts.

Bring them all home!!!!!!

White tiger and  roller coaster and blah blah blah...

Come and check them all out at Tobu Zoo.

"An integrated hybrid leisure land" 

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