A breathtaking show in ROBOT RESTAURANT in Shinjuku Kabukicho!!

Tokyo Entertainment 2016.09.27
2000 yen off discount coupon for visitors!!

Interesting Sightseeing Spots - Kakukicho in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is not only a popular spot for foreign visitors, it is also a busy place for Japanese to work, shop and hang out with colleagues and friends at night. Actually Shinjuku has the largest moving population per day! There are over 3.5 million people come to or pass by Shinjuku Station everyday!

In Shinjuku, you can find the famous Kabukicho and other shopping centers on the east side, high-rise commercial buildings on the west side, and bus terminals on the south side. So no matter where you go, you can experience the difference atmosphere of this great place!

Places that you should visit near Kabukicho

Let's eat something first before we watch the robot show! Just across the entrance of Kabukicho, there is the famous and delicious ramen shop "Taishoken". We found a 2,000 yen off coupon for the ROBOT RESTAURANT!

Do you know that ROBOT RESTAURANT is selected by TripAdvisor as one of the most wanted sightseeing spots in Japan? Other ranked in spots are famous Kyoto and hot springs in Japan etc, so you can see how famous this show is among foreign visitors!!

Download the 2,000 yen off coupon quickly!

Remember to show the staff this coupon when you purchase the ticket!!

By the way, you can make your reservation in advance online or by phone, then you don't have to worry about the tickets will be sold out or not!

Ticket Price: 8,000 yen (6,000 yen with the coupon above)
*Please note that food and drinks are not included
Show duration: around 90 minutes
Homepage: http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/?lng=en
Reservation hotline: 03-3200-5500 (09:00-22:00)

01. Ticket Counter - Let's buy our admission tickets!!

  • When you arrive at the ROBOT RESTAURANT, you can find their ticket counter right across the entrance of the show. Before you get too excited taking photos of the outside of the building, please remember to buy or pick up your reserved tickets first at the ticket counter!!

    Payment by cash or cards are both accepted! Don't forget to show the staff the 2,000 yen off discount coupon at the ticket counter.
  • If you want to pay by cash, you can just go straight to the ticket machine and buy it from there! Just insert your money, press the discounted ticket (6,000 yen ) button of your desired show time. How simple it is!

    By the way, you can keep your belongings and bags etc in the free lockers here too!
  • After you got your tickets, you can walk across and enter the main building of the restaurant. The entrance is just beside the two lovely female robots! Don't forget to take some pictures with them.

02. Colorful Waiting Area - To warm up before the show!

This is a free waiting area for you to relax and chat with your friends before the show. It is open 30 minutes prior to the show. At the waiting area, you can find tables and chairs with special designs. Why don't you order some drinks and snacks first? Live music is also provided in the waiting area!

03. The Main Stage - Show will begin soon!

Before the show, you can still have a chance to buy something to drink and eat. Beer, Japanese sake, soft drinks, popcorn etc are served! Just pick something you like and get ready! It's getting close to the showtime!
  • Before the performance starts, staff will show you some rules that audiences have to follow during the show, like keeping your hands and feet inside the viewing area etc.
  • Please remember to turn off your Wi-Fi devices during the show since the robots are operated by Wi-Fi!! Be a considerate audience, please remember to turn off any Wi-Fi devices and set your mobile phone to silent mode! Also, no flash photographs are allowed during the show! Photographs and videos taking are fine :)

Scene 1: Japanese Drum Performance By Powerful Warrior

  • With the beautifully designed moving stages, the show starts with a performance of traditional Japanese drums "Taiko". Not just the sound of the drums, even the stages and costumes of the dancers are amazing! It is just like watching a Japanese festival (Matsuri) of robots!!
  • The music and drums make the theater hotter and hotter! Everyone is cheering and whistle blowing to show their support to the dancers on the floor!! Wow!
  • A cute female ninja welcomes you!!
  • Near the end of scene 1, the first part is wrapped by traditional Japanese Ninja! The battle between two groups of ninja is exciting!!
  • What is next after the ninja battle? It is the traditional Japanese songs (Enka) time! What a great way to end the first part of the show!!
  • A beautiful princess with a beautiful voice!!

Scene 2: Battles of Giant Robots

  • Forest animals on earth Vs. Alien invaders

    The peaceful forest on earth is invaded by the empire of evil robots, and that's how the story begins.......
  • We have the representative from the sky, the Golden Eagle!! Can he save the forest and animals?
    His gorgeous and huge flapping wings highlight this part of the show!
  • Next is the insect representative! A huge and colorful spider and her warrior!
  • Next is the representative of sea, the great sharks and mermaid!!
  • The sharks just got the invader! He is chewing him with his sharp teeth!! Ouch......
  • The final battle is fought by the bosses of both sides. Representative of the forest is the big venomous snake! No matter how powerful the alien invaders are, they can't fight against this great creature on earth. Invaders are defeated and peace of forest is restored!

Scene 3: Dance Performance

Next is the colorful laser show! No lights is used except the laser. Enjoy the great music and dance in the dark! Other than robots, this dance performance is amazing too!

Scene 4: Robot Parade in the Future

A perfect ending of the show!

It is like a robot festival! On the floor, big and colorful robots are joining the dancers in this special parade! Just follow the music and enjoy yourself in the last part of the show!!

Dance, Music, and Robots!

Before watching the robot show, I thought the show was just robot centered. However, it turns out it is a show mixed with robots, music, dance and many kinds of special effects. This is definitely a great entertainment show for everyone!

Next time, when you come to Shinjuku Tokyo, please go to Kabukicho and visit ROBOT RESTAURANT!!

Don't forget to show the 2,000 yen off discount coupon to the staff!!

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See you there!

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Address1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,Japan
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