Complete Tendo Travel Guide ~ Day 1 ~

Tohoku Entertainment 2016.12.13
Your Autumn Trip to Tendo City in Yamagata Prefecture!

Interesting facts about Tendo City

Yamagata Prefecture is located in the southwest corner of Tohoku (northeast) region of Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. Among the 35 cities in Yamagata Prefecture, you can find Tendo city which is famous for their crops, shogi and hot springs!
  • By Shinkansen
    Depart from Tokyo Station: Tokyo Station <-> Tendo Station
    Depart from Osaka Station: Osaka Station <-> Tokyo Station <-> Tendo Station
    Depart from Sendai Station: Sendai Station <-> Uzenchitose Station <-> Tendo Station
    JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)

    By Airplane
    From Tokyo Haneda Airport, it only takes 1 hour flight to get to Yamagata Airport.
    From the Nagoya Airport, only 1 hour and 5 minutes is needed. 
    From the Osaka Airport, it takes 1 hour and 25 minutes to go to Yamagata Airport.
    After arriving in Yamagata Airport, we highly recommend you to get your rental car to go to Tendo City.
    NISSAN Rent A Car

Complete Tendo Travel Guide ~ Day 1 ~

A. Tendo Station East Exit ->

B. Tendo Shogi Museum (天童将棋資料館) ->

C. Handmade buckwheat noodles experience (and lunch) ->

D. Jakushouji (若松寺) ->

E. Tendo Hotel

Tendo Shogi Museum (天童将棋資料館)

As we have mentioned above, Tendo has the largest shogi piece production in Japan. Here at the shogi museum, you can learn everything about this traditional Japanese chess game.

Tendo Shogi Museum (天童将棋資料館)

Address: 1-1-1 Honcho, Tendo City, Yamagata
Location: 1F of JR Tendo Station

MAP CODE:62374772*76

Tel.: 023-653-1690
Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (Closed on 3rd Monday every month, 31 Dec, 01 Jan)
Admission: 300 yen (adults), 200 yen (High school and other students), 100 yen (Elementary and Jr. High)
Homepage (Jpn.):

Handmade buckwheat noodles experience

  • After visiting the Shogi Museum, we come to "Tendo Kogen Family Land" (天童高原ファミリーランド) where we will experience buckwheat noodles making and have our lunch.
  • In winter, this family land will become a ski resort!
  • The buckwheat noodles are actually made with DEWAKAORI's buckwheat which is grown in Tendo Kogen. It does smell way better than other buckwheat.

"Tendo Kogen Family Land" (天童高原ファミリーランド)

Address: 1321 Tamugino, Tendo City, Yamagata

Tel.: 023-657-3628

MAP CODE:62 358 339 * 57

Period: May to October


1 to 4 persons - 2,500 yen each (1 teacher)

5 to 8 persons - 2,000 yen each (1 teacher)

9 to 12 persons - 1,500 yen each (1 teacher)

13 - 16 persons - 2,000 yen each (2 teachers)

Plus 500 yen if you want to eat the noodles there after class

Homepage (Jap.):

A famous temple with 1300 years history

There are two famous temples where people go and make wishes for their love affairs! One is the Izumo Taisha Temple in Shimane Prefecture. The other one is Jakushouji (若松寺) in Yamagata Prefecture.
  • 01. Ring the bell and make a wish
    Make you love wish with your special one at the temple!
  • 02. Amazing view from the observatory
    Other than making your wishes at the temple, walking around the temple to see nice views is a must-do thing at Jakushouji. In autumn, you can also see the temple surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves.
  • 03. Shake hands with the "Chief Monk"
    It is said that shaking hands with the "Chief Monk" of the temple can bring you good matchmaking chance!! Because of this saying, many young Japanese people come to Jakushouji and hope that they can get some luck on their love affair. (Note: Since the Chief is famous and busy, all visitors are required to make an advance reservation if they want to meet him.)

Jakushouji (若松寺)

Address: 2205-1 Yamamoto, Tendo, Yamagata
Tel.: 023-653-4138

MAP CODE:62 410 200 * 58

Free parking is available

Free admission

Homepage (Jap):

The Biggest Hotel in Tendo - Tendo Hotel

Let's check out the guestroom now!

  • Traditional tatami style guestroom with an indoor balcony where you can sit and enjoy the views outside.
  • Autumn leaves and snow are covering the mountain outside. So pretty!

Put down your luggage and let's get to the hot springs!

  • Surrounded by autumn leaves, enjoy your best hot springs time at Tendo Hotel.
  • You can use the indoor and outdoor hot springs anytime of the day as you like. Just note that 10 am to 11 am is the cleaning time which is closed.

Next let's check out the food provided

Japanese style set dinner and hot spot!

After party?!!

At the hotel, there is an Izakaya restaurant where ramen and Japanese alcohols are provided. Why don't you have a bowl of hot noodles and a glass of Japanese sake there!! Try the famous Dewazakura and 14th Generation sake!


Draft beer: 741 yen + tax

Dewazakura sake: 620 yen + tax

14th Generation sake: 4,000 yen + tax


HOROYOI Tei Izakaya Restaurant (居酒屋ほろ酔い亭)

Opening hours: 19:00 - 23:30 (L.O. 23:00)

There is one thing that we think that is pretty amazing which is the hotel provides free Yakult drink and snacks to the guests. Just feel free to use those as you like!

With the service, nice rooms and hot springs, delicious food and wine, Tendo Hotel is the best place for you to stay when you visit Tendo!!

Tendo Hotel

Address: 2-1-3 Honcho, Kamata, Tendo, Yamagata

Tel.: 023-654-5511

MAP CODE:62376668*63

Check-In: 15:00

Check-Out: 10:00


Reservation Page:

There are more interesting places in Tendo that we want to take you to! Join us again next time for the 2nd day of our autumn trip in Tendo!!


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