Easy access from Tokyo! Trip to Nikko!

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Hot Spring, Theme Park and World Heritage Sites!

~Nikko popularity attractions travel guide~

Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture is popular for Hot Spring!
Speaking of Nikko,
most people will think of the World Heritage sites.
Nikko Toshogu Shrine, 
Kinugawa Hot Springs, 
Yunishigawa Hot Springs.

The Convenient way from Tokyo to Nikko
 By Tobu Skytree Line  Limited Express SPACIA ,
 just 110-min directly from 
Tobu Asakusa Station to Tobu Nikko Station!

Around 3000yen
Price varies from weekdays to weekend. 

★For more details in English, click below
Access to Nikko/ Kinugara Onsen

Sightseeing Information

Kinugawa one of the famous areas in Nikko

Riding on the Limited Express SPACIA from Tobu Asakusa Station,
takes less than 2-hour, 
we have arrived at Kinugawa Onsen Station. 

Kinugawa (鬼怒川)
In Japanese languages, 
Ki (鬼) means demon;
Nu (怒) means being angry; 
gawa (川) means river.
a river of demon getting angry. 

In fact, heavy rains in this area always cause a  lot of disasters; 
the phenomenon is like an angry demon; 
therefore, it is so named. 

Let us show you a few of the sightseeing spots here!

Attractions in Kinugawa ① Kinugawa Onsen

It is said the Kinugawa Onsen is popular for treatment of burns.
Originally, in Edo Period, the beginning of the waterfall started from the west side, then the east side followed. 
The increase of the gush of hot springs led to the establishment of many of the Onsen Ryokan
(Japanese-styled Hot Springs Hotel)

Attractions in Kinugawa ② Kinugawa Onsen Ropeway

  • Ride on the Kinugawa Onsen Ropeway
    to have a panoramic view of Kinugawa.
  • A 360-degree view in the ropeway.
  • Take a look outside the ropeway!
    Wow!! An infinity view of mountains,
    just like a perfect ink painting!
Going up further,
there is a small shrine!
Cherry blossom in spring.
Maple leaves in autumn.
It is stunning cold in winter though.
Stay warm!

★Kinugawa Onsen Ropeway
Address: 834 Kinugawaonsentaki, Nikkō-shi, Tochigi-ken 321-2526
Open Hour: 9:00- 16:00 (Open all year round)
Adults: One-way 650yen; Round-trip 1100yen
Age 4-12: One-way 350yen; Round-trip 550yen
(Suggest you to purchase a round-trip ticket)
Access: 5-min taxi from Kinugawa Onsen Station  (Parking available)
HP: http://ropeway.kinu1.com/
Google Map 

Attractions in Kinugawa ③ Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

  • Imagine you are riding a time-machine to Nikko Edomura!
    Reproduce the streets-cape of Edo era,
    not only sightseeing, but also participating in some activities and games. 
    The most interesting is that you can join a variety of theater.
  • Keep walking and walking,
    you might meet people in various fancy dress. 
    Pretty interesting!
  • Traditional games are interesting!
  • Experience of dressing into various role!
    Ladies in Edo era or samurai,
    farmers or thieves, 

    Which ones do you wanna try?

    Samurai 3,500yen
    Daughter in samurai family 3,500yen
  • Besides dressing up experience,
    you will find surprises everywhere.
    After hanging around a while, 
    just drop by a restaurant to eat!

    ※Edo Vegetable tempura buckwheat noodles 
    1500 yen (cold/ hot)

How lucky are we!!! Mascot of Edo Wonderland ニャンまげ nyamage

How lucky are we!!!
Mascot of Edo Wonderland
ニャンまげ nyamage
For more info about nyamage → here (Japanese)

★ Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura (日光江戸村)
Add: 470-2, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
Open Hour:  
March 20 - November 30:  9:00 to 17:00 / December 1 - March 19:  9:30 to 16:00
Closed every Wednesday / December 8-21 Closed due to renovation work
Adults: Over age 13: 4,700 yen / age 6- 12: 2,400 yen
After 14:00 (after 13:00 in winter) Admission
Adults: over age 13: 4,100 yen / age 6-12: 2,100 yen
Bus No. 3 from Kinugawa Onsen Station
For more detail↓
Google Map

Attractions in Kinugawa ④ Tobu World Square

  • It is like a small small world of all the world-famous attractions!
     45 world cultural heritage, 102 well-known buildings, 
    all are 1/25 size. 
    All are reproduced under a rigorous progress!

    In total, 
    there are six areas in the whole park, including Asia, Europe, America, Egypt, and Japan (two districts). Both ancient and modern Japan.
    So come here to make your dream of travel around the world comes true!
  • Taipei 101 building!
    1/25 of the real size. (21 meters)

    The colorful ornaments next to it are brought from the Taipei government!
    Those are presenting the image of new year or lantern festival in Taiwan.
    How cool!
  • A recommended spot of Japan area here
    Osaka Castle and Tokyo Skytree at the same place. 
    Both buildings are reflected on the water!
  • Beautiful sunset! 
  • Wow!!! A great world trip!

Attractions in Yunishigawa ① Yunishigawa Bridge

On top of the Ikari Lake, it is a iron bridge, where Yagan Railway Aizu Kinugawa Line is running.
If you are photographers, 
you don't wanna miss this stunning scenery!

★ Yunishigawa Bridge (Yunishigawa Onsen Station)
481-1 Nishikawa, Nikkō-shi, Tochigi-ken 321-2603
Google map

Attractions in Yunishigawa ② Heikei no Sato (平家の里)

  • Let's take a closer look of the living of the Heikei's family.
  • Traditional House!
  • Traditional Life Style!
★ Heikei no sato
Add: 1042 Yunishigawa, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 321-2601
Open Hour: 8:30- 17:00
(4/1-11/30 8:30-17:00     12/1-3/31 9:00-16:30   Open all year round)
Fee: adults: 510yen/  age 6 or over: 250yen/ below age 6: free
HP: http://www.heikenosato.com/
Google Map 

Some interesting event until March 5, 2017. KAMAKURA Festival Not only light-up event but also having meal inside the KAMAKURA (Snow dome house)

If you are longing to live in a snowy environment,
it is a nice chance to experience.
More info about the event:

★For more info

※Tokyo Toruist Information Center
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