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🍒Over 1,500 Trees Containing 50 Varieties of Cherries!!!🍒
They have trees that are low enough for picking, that way no one will be left out! There are also shuttle buses available to travel between orchards 🌳🚙🌳
Receiving an award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Award (the highest award in the National Fruit Contest), second generation owner Masakazu Ohashi's love of sharing his product with others beams through his smile! Ohashi Cherry Farms has been around for over 50 years and inturn, has a lot of special historical information about it. The harvest season is from mid-June to late August, which is part of Japan's rainy season. No worries though! Ohashi Cherry Farms has the largest indoor orchard in Japan (11 acres!) and an all-weather dome, so nothing will get in your way of eating all the cherries you want!
  • Take Some You Picked Home
    Take Some You Picked Home
    For a small added sum, you can take home the cherries you picked! Since there are so many differnt cherries, the price depends on the cherry, but it is still very reasonable.
  • Four Special Gems
    Four Special Gems

    The farm has 4 special cherries that aren't sold at whole sale markets!
    🍒The SATO NISHI; very well known in Japan, not as sweet as American cherries, almost a bit tart. 🍒NANYO; is bigger than Sato Nish cherries and said to be the most popular in the orchard. 🍒GASSAN NISHIKI; the Gassan Nishiki cherry looks like it could be the Golden Delicious apple's baby! It's roughly the same size as the Nanyo, but has the highest sugar content among cherries. 🍒SUMMIT; a LUSICIOUS dark red/burgundy color and just happens to be Japan's largest cherry!

  • Something to Take Home
    Something to Take Home
    The gift shop has all kinds of products that are made using Ohashi's cherries. From jams to vinegar, to even pickled cherries...? The Japanese love pickled foods so, why not right?!
    Here's a little link giving you a brief idea of what you can buy → ✨catalog

Experience the Fun of Japanese Orchards

This is the owner, Mr. Masakazu Ohashi, who I said has the most brilliant smile and sincere heart. Ohashi Cherry Farms gets visiters from all over the world, so to make things easier for the visiterns there is a translation service and fromm Wi-Fi. Hokkaido is known for it's many beautiful places, and Ohashi Cherry Farms is one of them!!

🍒Ohashi Cherry Farms🍒
Open Hours: 8:30am - 6:00pm 
Cherry Season: normally late June - late August (dates varies on the weather)
Other Fruit Season: late August - early October (a variety of fruits available!)
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