Fun and Interesting Illusions★Experience Japan's Biggest 3-D Museum - Nasu Trick Art Museum

Kanto Entertainment 2017.07.20
Trick art generates the illusion that depicted objects are actually living or existing things, and not two-dimensional paintings. 3D Trick art popularity is growing worldwide, but we're here to introduce Japan's LARGEST Trick art museum, Nasu Trick Art Museum.

Trickery at a Dynamic Trick Art Museum

What makes Nasu's Trick Art Museum so big, you ask? Well, that is because Nasu Trick Art Museum consists of three different art museums - ✨the House of Trick Art✨, 🎩Trick Art's Labyrinth🎩, and 👷Michelangelo's Museum👷

Interactive Art Facilities to See, Touch, and Feel!

  • Left, Right, Everywhere You Turn, Trick Art!
    Left, Right, Everywhere You Turn, Trick Art!
    There's Trick Art Behind Every Nook and Cranny!

    Just when you think you're done, another work of art pops out at cha!
    The Nasu Trick Art Museum does a great job of keeping you on your toes and entertained since they carefully each art special and unique in its own.
  • Extraordinarily Realistic
    Extraordinarily Realistic
    The art really plays a trick on your eyes 👀❓❓
    When you look at the art, it looks like it's not art at all, they're actually 3D objects/people!
    But then when you join the trick art, it's as if YOU’RE either a part of the original drawing, or you actually went back in time to learn about anatomy!
    Only you know the actual truth (^_-)-☆  
  • Wanna Great Photo?
    Wanna Great Photo?
    Angles are the best and most important thing to remember when partaking in the trick art. 
    The slightest off can make the worlds of difference.
    Luckily, they have recommended shooting spot marks to help you recreate the M~A~G~I~C°˖◝(⁰▿⁰)◜˖°

A MUST GO TO, Interesting Travel Spot

Only at Nasu Trick Museum can you experience a magical world using 3D experimental art and quizzes. 
Have you ever wondered what the Sistine Chapel would be like as trick art...?🌟⛪🌟
If so, stop wondering and come experience it firsthand!
It's like Alice of Wonderland, except it's Michelangeloand🐰🎩
You really MUST see it for yourself!

✨🎩Nasu Trick Art Museum🎩✨
Open Hours: 9:30am ~ 6pm
(WINTER{Oct - March} 9:30am ~ 5pm, 😎SUMMER😎 {Aug} 9am ~ 6pm)
Admission ticket for 1 house / Adult (ages 15+) ¥1,300, Child (4-14 years old) ¥800
Admission ticket for 2 houses / Adult (ages 15+) ¥2,000, Child (4-14 years old) ¥1,300
Admission ticket for all 3 / Adult (ages 15+) ¥2,700, Child (4-14 years old) ¥1,800
To visit Nasu TrickArt Museum, it takes approx. for 20 minutes from Nasushiobara Station by car

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Basic Info
NameNasu Trick Art Museum (那須とりっくあーとぴあ)
Address5760, Takakuko, Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
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