Refreshing!! Recharging!! Nasu Travel Vacation with Animals

Kanto Entertainment Animal experience 2015.10.05
Calling all lovers of huggable, furry friends. Plan your next trip to the Nasu Animal Kingdom for a truly immersive human-friendly animal paradise. Your next cuddly friend awaits your arrival! Let's GOOO!
  • See the Capybara, Pet the Capybara, Friend the Capybara
    See the Capybara, Pet the Capybara, Friend the Capybara
    Do you love animals but always wanted to get closer to them at a zoo and actually pet them?
    Well if your answer is "Yes!!!", then we have the perfect place for you!

    Welcome to the Nasu Animal Kingdom.
    With a size equivalent to the Tokyo Dome, the go-to spot for huge concerts and baseball games, 
    the Animal kingdom is divided into two kingdoms: [TOWN] and [FARM], and has about 600 different species of animals living happily.
  • Say Hi to
    Say Hi to "Cotton" The Nasa Animal Kingdom Mascot!
    His fluffy hair is quite charming!
    That is why everyone calls him "cotton."
    Due to his gentle and sweet nature, he has single pawed-ly become the mascot of Nasu Animal Kingdom.

    At the Nasu Animal Kingdom, most animals are open to be touched and fed with no restrictions beyond exercising your own common sense.
  • Red Pandas!!
    Red Pandas!!
    Hands down best animal of all time!........

    Ok, ok, so we really love red pandas, but YOU can also find your favorite animal at the park. Apples and other food the various animals like is provided so you can bring the animals that are caged, to your side of the cage, up close and personal.

  • A Gorgeous Lineup
    A Gorgeous Lineup
    Eagles, vultures, owls and other birds of prey
    A variety of birds are present to give you an awesome show!
    To train these birds of prey,
    we wonder how much time and effort it must have taken?
    Yet, the interaction between bird and man is so flawless and natural. Bravo!
    The result is an amazing performance for spectators and animal enthusiasts alike.
Dining at the
Dining at the "Wildcat Terrace"
Enjoy the great view with a delicious meal at the Wildcat Terrace. 
Lunch at the animal kingdom also features animals. (of course)

The food is so lovely you'll definitely want take a couple pictures before eating.
This is the new special menu! "Wildcat (Yamaneko) " lunch!

The Nasu specialty made bread is also very delightful (Wildcat Version) 
Included in the set are tomato pasta, handmade sausages and salad.
And let's not forget the tasty beef stew
If you still have room for dessert, you'll enjoy some cute jelly!

Wildcat special lunch is only 1200 yen! Yum!
Plan Your Next Trip NOW!
Plan Your Next Trip NOW!
Open Hours
General (late March to November): Weekdays 10:00 ~ 16:30 / Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9:00 ~ 17:00
Winter (December to mid-March): 10:00 - 16:00 (winter only open the TOWN part)
* Open hours will vary due to the  weather conditions

General (late March to November): Kingdom Pass   Adults (Junior high school students)  2,000 yen/ child (3 year-old - primary school students)  1,000 yen
Winter (December to mid-March): Year Pass   Adults (Junior high school students)  1,200 yen/ child (3 year-old - primary school students) 700 yen
Afternoon tickets: (admission after 14:00) Year Pass Adults (Junior high school students)  1,500 yen / child (3 year-old - primary school students) 700 yen

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