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One of Japan's most beautiful places!
The Forever Gorgeous Sakurajima Behind the Just as Gorgeous Sengan-en
The Forever Gorgeous Sakurajima Behind the Just as Gorgeous Sengan-en

CNN declared Sengan-en as one of *Japan's 31 Most Beautiful Places*

When traveling to Kagoshima, most people's destination point is Sakurajima. Don't get us wrong, we love Sakurajima! But there's another beautiful spot in Kagoshima that doesn't require you to take a ferry.
Sengan-en is a villa established in 1658 for the Shimazu clan that comes with a beautiful garden. Kinko Bay and Sakurajima (Sakura Island) are also included in the majestic scenery, which makes this park take your breath away.
The garden is quiet big and includes lovely calm ponds, lively streams, mysterious shrines, a bamboo grove, and a mountain hiking trail.

Traditional Features Not to Miss

  • Striking Ponds and Gardens
    Striking Ponds and Gardens
    A beautiful one of a kind Japanese garden when you can get a sense of Kagoshima pride with its symbol Sakurajima gracefully poised in the back. A gas lamp in the shape of a stone lantern, the first in Japan, may also be seen in the garden.
  • "Very Large Rock" from 1814
    The three characters carved on the rock ('senga-en'(千尋巌) mean “very large rock”. In 1814, a total of 3,900 people worked for three months to complete this job. 
    What's interesting though is that carving letters on rocks was not common in Japan, so this action said to have strong Chinese influence
  • The main entrance gate and is about 150 years old, rarely do you see such construction so well reserved.
    An even more interesting thing is this gate was used as a location in the filming of the NHK Taiga drama, Atsuhime, which relates to the history of the Satsuma domain at the end of the Edo Period!

Become a Traditional Swordsman of Satsuma Clan

If you hear a load scream, don't worry! You aren't under attack! It's just the autobiographical exhibit room/demonstration area! The Satsuma warriors were one of the most powerful forces in Tokugawa Japan (last feudal Japanese military government, 1600-1868). The Satsuma warriors were apart of some of Japan's most famous and brutal wars; the Battle of Sekigahara, the Seige of Osaka, and probably the most famous and historically changing, the Meiji Restoration. You have a chance to do some training exercises like a Satsuma warrior. 

🌲Sengan-en (仙厳園)🌲
💴Entrance fee:
    High school and above - 1000 yen
    Middle school and below -  500 yen 
⏰Business hours:
    8:30am~5:30pm (daily)
🚍🚏Closest bus stop:
    Sengan-en Mae (仙巌園前)


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Basic Info
Address9700-1 Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima City, Japan
StationSengan-en Mae bus stop
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