Miyagi Prefecture Travel Advice✦Visit Miyagi and Japan's Beautiful Okama Crater Lake

Tohoku Entertainment 2017.08.23
JAPANKURU is traveling to northern Japan!

Magnificent Crater in the Mountains

JAPANKURU went to Miyagi Prefecture which is in Japan's Tohoku (Northeastern) region. There are many things to do in Miyagi, but one of the top things on our "Places to go in Miyagi" list was Okama, the crater lake that is in Zao National Park in Zao-machi, Miyagi. Okama is a circle crater lake surrounded by the three mountains, Kattadake, Kumanodake, and Goshikidake. It is the symbol of Zao admired for its emerald green colors that changes in the sunlight. Which is why it also has the nickname "Goshikiko", which means lake of five colors.
  • Zao Mountain Peak Restaurant
    Zao Mountain Peak Restaurant
    Located in the Zao National Park area, there's a spacious space is decorated with pictures of the four seasons. Come here to rest or taste some of the Okama area's specialty food - rice and handmade sausages!
  • Delicious Okama Katsudo
    Delicious Okama Katsudo
    The Okama katsudon, or fried pork on a bed of rice is in another realm compared to others due to the particular and special smell and texture of the rice. This dish is what people come to eat whenever they come to view Okama✧˖°🍚°˖✧ 

Seasonal Views of the Crater

As you can imagine, the atmosphere changes drastically depending on when you go. We went during the summer, but next time we'd love to go during the fall🍁🍁

※Getting there※
-Coming from the Miyagi Area-

The best was to get there is taking a bus from Shiraishi-zao Station. 
If you take a bus, here is a bus schedule that includes all the main stations.
You want to go to the Zao Katta Summit!

-If coming from Yamagata Station-
Take the train to JR Kaminoya-Onsen Station and take a free shuttle bus for 60 min. 
Get off at the katta parking area and take the Zao-Katta ski lift for approx. 8 min to the top. 
Then a 6 min. walk. 


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