Best Maid Cafe in Akihabara to Visit ❀ @home cafe

Tokyo Entertainment 2017.08.27
Welcome Home Master, We Missed You♡

An Icon to Akihabara's Otaku Culture

Maid cafes have became so embedded in Japan that it is hard to imagine a Tokyo without them. Especially in Akihabara, where you will find maids in super frilly and colorful dresses ruling the streets🎀 The concept of maid cafes is just like it sounds, women dressed up in maid outfits serve each customer as if they were ✨masters/mistresses✨ There are so many ruling the grounds, but one maid cafe is particularly a "MUST GO TO", and that cafe is @home cafe. The maid cafes are something to enjoy and for your amusement! At @home cafeanything is possible

🎀Exclusive and C-U-T-E Services🎀

  • 💖Get Food Made with Love💖
    💖Get Food Made with Love💖
    The maids at @home cafe are not only masters of conversation, they're masters of making food and drinks taste better with special moe moe power and cute ketchup art🍅
  • 📷Get a Picture with the Maids📷
    📷Get a Picture with the Maids📷
    You can also pick your favorite maid or two and get a polaroid picture with them! 📷 The maids will of course sign and design it to make the picture look super cute✨ 

A Maid Cafe to Visit

@home cafe is located on the 4th, 5th6th, and 7th floor.
If it's your first time, the 4th floor is recommended because it is the standard maid cafe since it's been opened.  Each floor of the @home cafe's have different concepts and interior designs. For example, the 5th floor is the Japanese style cafe, where all maid wears yukata°˖👘˖°
So when you come to Akihabara, make the most of your Japanese experience by stopping by at Akihabara's most popular maid cafe,
@home cafe

Admission fee: ¥700 per person, Collage Student: ¥600, High School Student: ¥500
Elementary School Student: ¥400, Junior High School Student: ¥400
※Please note that the time limit for each table is limited to an hour.

Weekday 11:00~10:00pm Saturday 10:00~10:00pm Sunday and Holiday 10:00~10:00pm
Last Order FOOD 8:50pm / DRINKS 9:20pm

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