Your Robot Fantasy Dreams Come True!

Tokyo Entertainment 2015.10.12
Join us as we journey to the underbelly of the Robot subculture of Japan! Don't miss out on your chance to get a ¥2,000 yen discount ticket.
Robot Restaurant Information
Robot Restaurant Information
Basic admission fee: 7,000 yen per person
(Additional charge 1,000 yen for dinner box, reservation is required.)
Show time: 90 minutes

Show Schedule (English) :
Google Map:
TEL: 03-3200-5500
(English) :

How to use the 2,000 yen discount coupon for foreigners:

1. Don't forget to save this picture (with the 2,000 yen ticket discount mark) to your smart phone.
2. At the Robot Restaurant ticket counter, show this picture to the staff.
3. After showing the picture, you can pay the discounted fee and get into the Robot Restaurant. 

Just save the picture(discount coupon)!
  • A Variety of Performances
    A Variety of Performances
    Robots are not the only performers you'll find at the robot restaurant. An array of other performers including beautiful actresses, elaborate dancers, and robot animals complete the experience.
  • JAWS!?
    Your worst fear has finally come true! Robot Jaws! Oh no!!
    The performances are truly a sight to behold and will keep you spellbound during the entire show.
  • Return of the Bots
    Return of the Bots
    The Robots are clearly the main draw of the show. As the dazzling lights flash and the base from the music kicks in, feast your eyes on the main event!The robots will entice you with their cute charm and of course photos are okay! If you're crafty enough, you may even be able to take a robot selfie! Hai cheeezu!
  • It is pretty hard to express the impressiveness of the event through the pictures!
    3D is no doubt much better than 2D. 
    Instead we will simply tell you to go and experince it for yourself
    It doesn't matter who you are, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Models
    Beautiful models perform simultaneously with the robots, making you question which is real and which is fake?! 

    We are not going to say details about the show!!!
    Just leave it for you to enjoy in person!!! You will definitely enjoy it though!!!!

Don't Forget

Don't forget to use your 2,000 yen off coupon by saving the picture with the special 2,000 yen off seal in the bottom right corner of the main picture of this post and showing it to the staff at the Robot Restaurant. 

 Feel the excitement from up close!
 Check it out for an extraordinary night in Shinjuku Kabukicho!
 ▶ROBOT RESTAURANT 2000yen discount ticket 
 -by japankuru- (One coupon for one person)

We highly recommend calling to make a reservation beforehand!!!
(Price will be varied, please re-confirm before visiting! ※  Currently updated: DEC 2015)

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