Comic Market 98 (Comiket Spring 2020) May 02, 2020 - May 05, 2020

✳︎As of March 27, Comiket 98 has officially been canceled due to concerns over COVID-19 (coronavirus). Preparations for Comiket 99 (winter 2020) are still set to continue as normal, but may be subject to cancelation as well.✳︎


Love comics? Manga? Anime? Video games or card and board games? Cosplay? Fun bits of Japanese pop culture?


Then make time for Comic Market 98! (コミックマーケット 98)


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Comic Market has a history of more than 40 years, and has grown into a regular Tokyo event, consistently drawing 35,000 publishing groups and more than 500,000 attendees over the multiday convention. Booths from comic publishers and independent artists fill the halls, alongside tons of others doing everything from showing off upcoming video games, to selling clothing and accessories.


If you want to look at the full catalog of participants and a map detailing where every single booth will be, an online version (website registration necessary, but totally free) will go up a couple months ahead of time, or they offer a paid hard-copy catalog. Comic Market has also started requiring tickets for entry, which can be purchased alone or along with the hard-copy catalog ahead of time at a number of stores in Japan (find the list in Japanese right here). The event is extremely crowded and hectic, so they recommend getting discounted tickets in advance, but day-of tickets can also be purchased at Tokyo Big Sight.


(If you're a little confused by the name, don't worry, comiket and comike are just nicknames for the comic market!)

Event Name Comic Market 98 (Comiket Spring 2020)
Dates May 02, 2020 - May 05, 2020
Address 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Venue Name Tokyo Big Sight (東京ビッグサイト)
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