Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2022 (Tokyo) Sep 30, 2022 - Oct 31, 2022

下北沢カレーフェスティバル 2022


Curry might just be the spice of life, so finish off the summer by enjoying a little extra heat at this beloved Tokyo curry festival! Shimokitazawa has long been a destination for curry lovers, helped in part by the burgeoning trend of Hokkaido-style soup curry that kicked off in the area almost 20 years ago, and in order to share the bounty, locals like to show off with the yearly Shimokitazawa Curry Festival. Last year, more than 100 restaurants in the Shimokitazawa area participated, offering standard curries alongside a huge variety of curry-inspired specialties and event-only limited-time-only items. Hokkaido soup curry, Indian curry, Thai curry, and normal Japanese curry are all common options, but previous years' offerings have included curry burgers, curry calzones and pizza, curry soba noodles, curry takoyaki, curry taiyaki cakes, curry gyoza, squid ink curry, wagyu beef curry, kiwi curry, bacon-walnut curry, and more. (Not to mention snacks like sugary parfaits made to resemble a bowl of savory curry, and coffee decorated with latte art of Curry Man, the festival's mascot!) This year, the festival will last a whole month, so curry lovers shouldn't miss the chance to stop by trendy Shimokitazawa, pick up an "I ♡ Curry" festival t-shirt, and treat their tastebuds.

If you're in the area often and you're ready to eat a lot of curry, think about participating in the event's stamp rally to possibly win some curry goods and products, too!

Event Name Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2022 (Tokyo)
Dates Sep 30, 2022 - Oct 31, 2022
Address Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
Venue Name Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
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