2023 Katsushika Iris Festival (Tokyo) May 29, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023

2023 葛飾菖蒲まつり


The Katsushika Ward of Tokyo isn't usually a part of your average sightseeing itinerary, but throughout June, flower lovers won't want to miss this unique festival. Held simultaneously at two major flower gardens in the area, this event is all about viewing beautiful irises while they're at their peak! Mizumoto Park is an expansive natural space far from the center of the city, while Horikiri Iris Garden (Horikiri Shobuen) is a historic (and slightly more convenient) spot that has even been featured in the ukiyo-e prints of famous Japanese artists. The two parks each boast thousands of plants, and dozens of iris varieties, making it a true treat for the eyes!

Event Name 2023 Katsushika Iris Festival (Tokyo)
Dates May 29, 2023 - Jun 18, 2023
Address 2-19-1 Horikiri, Katsushika City, Tokyo
Venue Name Horikiri Iris Garden (堀切菖蒲園)
Website https://www.katsushika-kanko.com/p2-event_schedule/index.html
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