Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum (Fukuoka) Feb 02, 2024 - Mar 20, 2024

美少女戦士セーラームーン ミュージアム


In the name of the moon... are you ready to enter the world of Sailor Moon? This temporary exhibition is, as the name suggests, a museum of all things Sailor Moon, from original color illustrations drawn by Sailor Moon manga artist Naoko Takeuchi, to holographic displays of famous scenes, and even a huge collection of classic merchandise, like '90s Sailor Moon anime goods, and costumes from Sailor Moon musicals. For fans of the Sailor Scouts (or Sailor Guardians, if you prefer), this Sailor Moon exhibition is a slice of heaven. There's plenty of original exhibition merchandise to buy and take home, too!

Event Name Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum (Fukuoka)
Dates Feb 02, 2024 - Mar 20, 2024
closed Mondays
Address 3-1-1 Momochihama, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka
Venue Name Fukuoka City Museum (福岡市博物館)
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