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Tokyo Food Ninja 2019.10.17
Is an ordinary restaurant boring for you? Go and visit NINJA AKASAKA for a restaurant with a special theme.

High-quality Japanese cuisine restaurant with a theme of Ninjas!

There are many unique restaurants in Japan. 
All have different themes, stories, cuisine, and concepts.

This one here is a restaurant with a Ninja theme.

What is a NINJA?
Ninjas used to exist in Japan during the Muromachi period till around the Edo period while the Japanese people were still fighting against each other within the country.
They are the secret agents of a Daimyo, a lord of a particular area, and took orders for espionage, assassination. 
It is all a part of the unique Japanese history. 

How to get to Ninja Akasaka?

  • This is what the building looks liek
    This is what the building looks liek
    Wait, is that...
  • A Ninja!?
The restaurant is located in midtown of Tokyo, an area around Akasaka.
If you wish to take a train there, you can use any of the following options,

- Take the Ginza Line or the Marunouchi Line to Akasaka Mitsuke station
The restaurant is 3 minutes away from the station.

- Take the Hanzomon Line, Namboku Line, or the Yurakucho Line to Nagatacho station.
The restaurant is 7 minutes away from this station.

The restaurant is inside the "Akasaka Tokyu Plaza" building, access from the streets.

4 Points that make the restaurant what it is

  • The surprises!
    The surprises!
    Ninja doesn't just wait for you at the counter like any concierge.

    Let a ninja guide your way to your seat like you've never experienced before.
  • Order from the secret bible
    Order from the secret bible
    Once you are seated, you will be given a secret scroll.

    This is their secret bible about... The menu of course!
    The ninja will be back soon to take your orders so be prepared... to order.

    If you don't understand Japanese, ask one of the friendly ninjas for an English menu.
    They have their secrets written in English as well.
  • Enjoy their specialty courses
    Enjoy their specialty courses
    The performance is exceptional, but the dishes they serve here are also of high quality!

    They offer a variety of course meals here, with options for vegetarians, kids meals and even a pork and alcohol free meal.  

    Check out here for details on their course meals and here for special meal options.
  • Don't miss the performances
    Don't miss the performances
    The performances go throughout your stay here so make sure you don't miss any of them till the very last moment.

Our recommendation!

Try their beginner's "Yamato Spirit Course"
  • The Shuriken Grissini
    The Shuriken Grissini
    Here comes the starter.
    Grissini normally means breadsticks, but since they are Shurikens, they are formed into those star-shaped blades.
  • Hot stone cooked soup
    Hot stone cooked soup
    Stones baked to 400 degrees Celcius are placed in the pot and you add your own broth and other ingredients.

    No matter what, don't touch those stones.
  • Exploding shell bombs!!
    Exploding shell bombs!!
    These escargots-like shells are a popular shellfish in Japan called Sazae.
    The ninja will set them on fire right in front of you.

    Don't worry, they don't explode all over the place.
  • Special seafood dish of the day
    Special seafood dish of the day
    When we were there it was a crab dish surrounded with a beautiful fresh aroma of grapefruit.
  • The bonsai
    The bonsai
    Desserts also differ depending on your visit, but we had a bonsai!
    A desert with a visual tie to the nature of Japan.
We really had a great time at this restaurant! Not only were the dishes delicious but the entertainment you receive is also exceptional.

Visit with your friends, families and loved ones, share this moment.
Great food and atmosphere guaranteed! 

Level 1 Akasaka Tokyu Plaza, 2-14-3 Nagatacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 100-0014
Best accessed from Akasaka Mitsuke station.

Mon-Sat Dining/Bar
5pm-11:30pm (Last entry 10pm)

Sun-Holidays Dining/Bar
5pm-11:30pm (Last entry 9:45pm)

Phone number: 03-5157-3936
Official Website
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Basic Info
AddressLevel 1 Akasaka Tokyu Plaza, 2-14-3 Nagatacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 100-0014
StationAkasaka Mitsuke 【赤坂見附】
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