Unforgettable Dining recommendation for Mitsukoshi Ginza

Tokyo Food Departmentstore 2015.11.02
Pull up a chair, bring your appetite and don't forget to check your drool at the door! On today's 'foodie' menu we are introducing a great shop to dine at in Mitsukoshi Ginza. Eat and shop, shop and eat, don't miss it at Mitsukoshi Ginza!
  • #The concept is
    #The concept is "vitality."
    You can expect first class serice from staff at Minoru Diner as you enjoy your meal. With 4 kinds of nutritional sets and 2 kinds of kids' plates! There is also a variety of drinks and side dishes!

    Prices range from 518 yen ~ 1,728 yen  (including tax) 
  • Interior
    A high ceiling, and wide space gives us a peaceful state of mind. Greenery is also introduced in the space to help you feel more in tuned with nature to enjoy the healthy cuisine! The comfortable design and decoration helps you to relax in this small world physically and mentally!
  • Menu
    A glance at the menu will only serve to wet your appetite!  
The food culture of Japan
The food culture of Japan
# Miso pork with vegetables bowl rice

Full of vegetables!
How healthy!
Great when combined with miso soup and a drink! 

Miso pork with vegetable rice bowl 1,630 yen + TAX
Mitsukoshi Ginza
Mitsukoshi Ginza
Minoru Diner is located inside Ginza's century-old history department store known as Mitsukoshi Ginza. This mall has stood the test of time and still does well to represent Japanese fashion, trends and popular culture. To keep up to date in the rapidly changing times, Mitsukoshi Ginza has an interior renewal every quarter to provide better service and customer experience.

# Mitsukoshi Ginza
With the concept of "This is Japan," the building sits at the intersection of Ginza-4-chome! Even as time passes around the building you'll notice it never gets old. Instead it retains its traditional, not old-fashioned style.

Open Hours: 10:30 ~ 20:00
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line
   Directly connected to [A7, A8] exit


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