Exploring the World of Udon in Japan

Kansai Food Udon 2019.06.11
Udon, white thick noodles with different broths. Such a simple dish, yet popular amongst the Japanese for centuries. From plain flavours to locally available ones. Taking a quick look at the world of Udon.

Udon! A simple bowl of noodles that's been around for centuries.

Nowadays, Udon is well known amongst the travellers. It is said that the prefecture that is most famous for its Udon is Kagawa. The simple dish has many different flavours in each prefecture and that is why we are taking a look at the world of Udon this time.

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Kagawa, the prefecture of Udon!

As we mentioned earlier, Kagawa is well known for its Udon.
Not that it was first created there, but the rate of production is the highest in Japan.
From simple udon to the most unique ones. Kagawa is definitely a one-stop Udon exploration site.

Sanuki Udon (讃岐うどん), is the famous Kagawa style Udon available all around this prefecture.
  • Yamagoe Udon (山越うどん):  The "Tsukimi Udon" with the hot broth.

Saitama, the not so known No.2

Saitama is the second largest when it comes to Udon production rate in Japan.
They also have a unique udon called the Ippon Udon (一本うどん), simply translated, this means a single long piece of udon.
  • The Ippon Udon.
    The Ippon Udon.
    Avaialable at Gotetsu (五鉄) one of the restaurants in the Hanyu Service Area on the Tohoku Jidoshado highway, in Saitama.

The "Kitsune Udon" (きつねうどん), a well known variety of the udon

Another popular Udon dish available all around Japan!
This particular Udon has a piece of Abura-age (油揚げ), deep fied tofu, that's been cooked in sweet soy sauce.
  • Kitsune Udon at Usami-Tei Matsubaya (うさみ亭マツバヤ)
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