Japanese Seasonal Favourites: Food in Summer

Tokyo Food Summer 2019.08.31
We have been introducing various seasonal foods that you can eat in Japan up until now. In this article, we will be covering some of our summer favourites.
Planning to come to Japan in the summer?
Here are a few food suggestions for you to try this year.

Summer vegetables

Vegetables are all about the season! Famous vegetables in summer in Japan are cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, and eggplants.
Having the vegetables in their season also helps to fully take in their benefits as they are packed with nutrition.
Eel in Japan is said to help you survive the summer heat and is eaten on a particular day right before the summer starts.
In the old days, people used to think that eel helps to cure the dullness in the summer.
  • Hayashiya - An eel specialty restaurant in Kawagoe
In fact, eel contains vitamin A complex and B complex which are said to be good for maintaining good health and wellbeing. 
Great for preventing the summer heat affecting your appetite.
【蟹: Kani: かに】 Crab
Crab is another food that is said to be nice to eat during the summer.
  • Crab Hotpot at Kani-Doraku 連合記事完了次第リンク掲載予定
  • Crab Sushi set
Different crabs have its own seasons, however, the reason why crab is eaten in the summer is because of the Chinese style food therapy, it is said that crab has a property that cools down your body, hence, helps you to keep cool in the summer.
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Looking for a place to go this summer?
Head down south to Okinawa for a summer vacation near the beaches.
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