A Visit to The Cafe&Meal MUJI in Ueno Marui (OIOI)

Tokyo Food Mujirushi 2019.09.23
A quick peek at the cafe that a famous Japanese brand owns.
MUJI, one of Japan's famous store that sells household goods, stationary, etc. Also has its own cafe.
Here we will introduce you to the one that is inside the Marui department store in Ueno. (Map)
  • This store is all around Japan, but the restaurants are available at lesser locations.
    See their website for location details here.
    There are about 11 locations in Tokyo.
  • Unlike the other restaurants, the ordering style and the menu here is diiferent to many other restaurants.
    The price varies depending on the number of sidedishes you order. Starting with three sidedishes at 900 yen.
  • The meals differ depending on the season. It's good to see what you're getting as well.
    They also do have vegetarian options.
  • They also do have a menu, and that will show you how to order here. Good news is that they also have English written on the menu as well. Their rice and miso soup is free for seconds and more.
  • And here is the cafe menu, some people just come for the cafe as well. The disserts are around 500 yen here and coffee for 200 yen for those who order desserts. Not a coffee person? Don't worry, there are also black tea, black bean tea and rooibos tea as well for just an additional 200 yen.
  • You can see the kitchen in action behid the counter here.
  • The chestnut mille crepe goes well with their coffee. Next time we will try their lunch/dinner menu as well.
    But before that, if we have the chance, we will like to visit the MUJI Hotel next time as well.
    Until then, stay tuned with JAPANKURU.
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