The Limited Seasonal Menu Tempura Prawn Shichimi Spiced Mayonnaise Burger at MOS Burgers

Tokyo Food Hamburger 2019.10.01
Do you know MOS burgers? A famous chain store in Japan offering unique burgers like never before. Try these unique burgers only in Japan!

MOS Burgers has your Japanese Hamburger Experience covered!

When you think of hamburgers, you can think of all sorts of brands. But for those who are new to the options in Japan, we present you the MOS Burger.
  • *Image sourced from Official MOS Burger website.

    You have your burger cravings but thinking it's a waste to eat burgers in Japan?
    Don't worry, the Japanese burgers will also not disappoint you.
    Today we present you the MOS Burger. They produce many unique burgers but none of them are unique in an awkward way.
    For example, this one is a seasonal limited menu. They offer Menchi katsu burger and Tempura prawn burger with shichimi spiced mayo sauce.
  • At MOS burgers, you don't have to wait at the counter after ordering your food, like any other burger chains. They will give you your drink and give you a number. They actually bring the burger to you like they do at a restaurant. A cobo of the Tempura Prawn burger with a drink and fries cost only 900 yen.

    Check out their official website for their full menu. They have English menus available as well.
  • At MOS burgers, they cook your burger after order, so it might take a little longer than ordinary chain shops, but you can definitely taste the differences.
You can see that their official Instagram doesn't get a facelift like some others. 
The jumbo menchi katsu also looks very nice here too. This is the other item that they are offering for a limited time. (360 yen for the burger.)

Willing to try these Japanese style burgers?
Try your next burgers at MOS Burger while they are around.
They also have other unique menus offered all year long.

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