Fukuoka's Famous Local Cuisine, Horumon Teppanyaki

Kyushu Food Gourmet 2019.09.30
Have you heard of the Japanese \"Horumon\"? Normally this refers to any dish that uses intestines of beef or pork. If you are willing to try, give it a go at Teppan Tenjin Horumon in Hakata, Fukuoka.
This new chain restaurant called the Tenjin Horumon has nine stores across  Kyushu, mostly in Fukuoka.
I went to the one at Hakata station gourmet street called the Hakata Ichibangai.
  • Considering Hakata station is very close to Fukuoka's airport, it makes it easy to drop by for a meal just before you leave Fukuoka.
  • This is the entrance to the Hakata Station's Tenjin Horumon.
    Even though you will be queuing to eat, the turnover seems to be quick enough that you don't really have to wait for a long time.
  • The price of the menu varies approximately between 1,200 yen to 2,000 yen.
  • Waiting in front of a teppan hotplate just makes your mouth water.

    The basic sauces that they offer here are two kinds. One is what they call a steak sauce, which I believe is soy sauce based and Miso based sauce.
    All seatings are along the counter, so you can see the chef cooking in front of you.
  • All dishes come with a bowl of rice and miso soup and vegetables.
    The rice and miso soup are free to get refills.
  • If you wish to skip the rice option, you can get more of the bean sprouts instead.
    Now that the dish has been served you're ready to eat!
  • I've asked for the Gyu Sagari (meat from the beef ribs) with mixed horumon (mix of assorted intestins).
    If you are not a fan of the intestines, you can go for the meat only options. They do have dishes with only meat instead of the intestines.
  • This was a dish that my friend ordered, a mix meat plate.
  • Enjoy the just-off-the-grill dishes at Tenjin Horumon at a convenient location right inside the Hakata station.

    Open Hours:  10 am till 11 pm, Monday till Saturday.
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