An Abandoned Burger King in the Centre of Tokyo? The Burger King Shibuya Ghost Store

Tokyo Food Burger_king 2019.10.23
After Burger King closed its store in Shibuya Center-gai on the 20th of October, this is what you will find there now.
  • For a limited time only Burger King Ghost Store in Shibuya
    For a limited time only Burger King Ghost Store in Shibuya
    From 10 pm on 23rd of October till 5 am on the 31st of October. Burger King in Shibuya has a new looks that doesn't look that new...?
  • Giving the whole store an abandoned biohazardous looks, this Ghost Store is welcoming all the zombies that are visiting Shibuya for Halloween.
  • The second floor of the store is also looking spooky here with nice dark colours.
  • If you visit on the 23rd, 25th, 26th, or the 31st, you will be dining with these zombi friends.
  • Zombified to the detail like an apocalypse.
  • It's got a zombi touch to the design...
  • Don't just keep your eyes down. Look up to see every detail.
  • Let the party for the undead begin.


  • And here you go!
    Your ghost whopper with cheese with a drink for just 500 yen.


    News Source: PR Times October 23rd, 2019.
Note that for safety reasons, this Burger King Ghost Store is going to restrict the sales of alcohol and limit their menu to avoid overcrowding the store to maintain a clean and safe environment for all human and ex-human visitors. 
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