Prepare Your Taste Buds for ITOCiA @ Yurakucho Station, Tokyo!

Tokyo Food 2016.01.25
Yurakucho is really a great shopping area. Starting from Ginza, it is easy to access via JR and Tokyo Metro....
  • Dynamic Kitchen&Bar HIBIKI(ダイナミックキッチン&バー響)
    Dynamic Kitchen&Bar HIBIKI(ダイナミックキッチン&バー響)
    This restaurant uses high quality fresh ingredients from all over Japan. Making use of the excellent ingredients to design different recipes. You can enjoy a wide range of Japanese-style dishes here!

  • Japanese-style HIBIKI meal
    Japanese-style HIBIKI meal
    Delicious beers are delicately arranged to provide the perfect mix of flavor for whichever dish you choose! 

    Dynamic Kitchen & Bar HIBIKI @ ITOCiA FOOD AVENUE B1F
    * Business Hours: 11: 00-15: 00 (Last order 14:00) 17: 00-23: 00 (Last order 22:00)
    * Location: ITOCiA FOOD AVENUE B1F
  • Mouth-watering steak!
    Mouth-watering steak!
    One of the main draws of the restaurant is that you can enjoy the Japanese-made Japanese-style set meal and Japanese sake here at the same time.
    * Recommended dish: Yamagata steak (山形牛サーロイン石焼ステーキ)
    The curry in CLUB OF THE TOKYO FAMOUS CURRY DINERS is customized from the original Japanese curry. You might not be able to try all kinds of curry. But the magic power of this restaurant will make you want to take a visit again! Come on!! For your treasure hunting!
  • Choose your spice
    Choose your spice
    Experience all kinds of curry you can't get anywhere else and at an added bonus destroy your taste buds with spice, choosing the level of the spiciness from 0- 70.

  • Taste or volume?
    Taste or volume?
    Both are extremely important, Pouring the hot vegetable curry on top of the rice you will be satisfied by both its volume and taste. We can see your mouth watering right now!
  • Yurakucho Umaya no gakuya
    Yurakucho Umaya no gakuya" (有楽町うまやの楽屋)
    This is the Japanese-style restaurant designed by Ennosuke Ichikawa, the third generation of the famous kabuki family in Japan. There are many creative Japanese cuisines here like  "beef-tongue set" and "Gakuya-meshi." 
  • A customized set of Kabuki actor
    A customized set of Kabuki actor
    Enjoy meals that are customized by famous Kabuki actors. Most of the kabuki actors would have lunch box before performance. So this is the customized version by the chef. This can fulfill your eyes and tongue. It will give you an illusion of turning into an actor of kabuki afterwards. 
  • Let's start from this white tofu...
    Let's start from this white tofu...
    In this restaurant, you can enjoy the tofu made in traditional way from "Kawashima Tofu store," which have 200 years of history in Karatsu, Saga.  The concept is focus on the original taste of the ingredient. A fresh taste of Japan.
  • La Maison ensoleille table
    La Maison ensoleille table
    All fruit tarts, cream cakes, and cookies are made of the freshest ingredients by a professional chef! Shopping at this shop will finally give you the authentic feeling of a home bakery you always desired.
  • Fantastic fusion of bitter sweet
    Fantastic fusion of bitter sweet
    A perfect and classic combination of strawberry and chocolate!! The assortment of sweets available will tease your senses and leave you wanting more afterwards!
  • Sunshine jelly
    Sunshine jelly
    4 flavors (chamomile, peppermint rose grapes, mango, peach hibiscus) A refreshing souvenir to bring back home after a trip to Japan. Or you can eat them on your own and revel in your own happiness! 
The Best of Ginza: ITOCiA
The Best of Ginza: ITOCiA
Get your treats to go today! 
<Yurakucho ITOCiA>
Location: 1-min walk from JR Yamanote Line "Yurakucho station" Central Exit 
1-min walk from Tokyo METRO Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho station" D7-b Exit
1-min walk from Ginza Line / Hibiya Line / Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" C-9 Exit
Business: Food Avenue & PLAZA
Shopping 11:00 ~ 21:00
Restaurant: 11:00 - 23:00 * Vary from shops

The official home page (English)

It is very close from the station!!
Let's go to ITOCiA!

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