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It's like a mix between a hip café and a bbq joint that leaves you smelling like a rose afterwards. Doesn't seem possible? Well read on, we have lots to show you!

YAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ (8F)

What is cute meat? Were were asking ourselves the same question but it seems to be the overall theme of the French inspired smokeless bbq restaurant in Shinjuku's Lumine Est. For fashionable girls it's a great place to enjoy declicious food without getting the smell on your nice clothes while shopping. But how does it actually work? 

< LUMINE EST SHINJUKU store information > 
Address: The Tokyo Shinjuku Ku Shinjuku 3-38-1 
TEL: 03-5269-1111 
Hours: 11:00~22: 00 (weekdays) 
10:30 ~22: 00 (Weekends/Holidays) 
Restaurant:  11:00 ~23: 00 
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Yakiniku Shop Butcher

The meaning of the name "Boucherie" in French is "butcher",  and Yakiniku literally translates to "grilled meat" in Japanese. Quite the international shop, we agree.
The atmosphere of the shop is very bright and attractive to the eyes. But even though it's a Yakiniku shop, why is there no smoke anywhere to be found? The question persists...

LUMINE EST Restaurants Page (English)
  • Not to be mistaken with a cafe, however it does have such a fashionable comfortable vibe like one.
    There's table seating and also counter seating, so you can enjoy your "carnivorous gathering" any number of a group of friends. 
    Also since the Yakiniku Boucherie is located right in Lumine Est Shinjuku, you can grab a bite in between shopping without worry or care.

  • Stylish cattle plates are used to deliver your generously lean cut meat. The Yakiniku Boucherié only serves the best cuts of meat to ensure that restaurant goers come and leave satisfied. After tossing on the grill we enjoyed the juicy flavor of each bite.
    Japanese beef of 5 types 2,500 yen (tax included)
  • The delicious meat will leave you ordering seconds and thirds but make sure you save room for dessert! These serving sizes are enough to appease even the hungriest of the hungry.
    Four samplers (smoked, marinated, Atsugiri, sliced) 1,380 yen (tax included)

Sayonara Smoke, Hello Healthy Grill!

Fashionable fine dining with a mysterious roaster. A mechanism in which smoke does not come out have a lot of merit.

The grill is designed so the oil from the meat doesn't drop back into the fire below. Also an extensive pipe network helps to ensure the smell doesn't stick on you.
Once the water in the pipe network reach 100 ℃ , they
do not even leave smoke, and leave no residue of the smoky smell.

More info:
  • Yakiniku Sauce
    Yakiniku Sauce
    Out of these eight delicious sauces, you may choose up to three:
    Green onion salt lemon sauce, Ponzu sauce, Berry Balsamic source, Red Sangria source, Green dipping sauce, Apple Bagna cauda, Kas - Nuts dip, Seasoning herbs

    To each his/her own!
  • Fresh Vegetables
    Fresh Vegetables
    Meat may be extremely delicious, but let's face it, not everyone is interested in only meat like the rest of us meat eaters. That is why you can also enjoy a fresh assortment of vegetables including colorful seasonal vegetables to add color to your grill. 

    We may be carnivorous but we are still civil ^^
  • Delicious grilled meat, an enticing meal menu, playful desserts, colorful soft drinks...
    Take materialism to your tastebuds with this No Smoke Yakiniku shop^^

    YAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ (8F)

    Tel: 03-3353-0290
    Hours: 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Last order: 22: 00,  Last drink order 22: 30)
Basic Info
NameYAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ
AddressTokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 3-38-1
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