Three Recommendations for Japanese Valentines Chocolate

Tokyo Food Chocolate 2020.01.30
Japan is getting ready for Valentine's day, and as some of you may already know, Valentine's day in Japan is a bit different to what you might expect.
Valentine's day is less than a month away now! Treat your loved ones, friends and family to some lovely sweets.
Yes, that's right! That's what they do in Japan. It is not an official tradition or anything, but that's how it goes here, so why not join them for a sweet Valentine's day! 

Take a look at some of our recommendations!

One of Japan's earlier chocolates since 1950: Mary's Chocolate

  • Japanese people are quite familiar with their chocolates. Mary's chocolates are known for their order made chocolates at Mary's cafe at Tokyo station.
    They are also available at many of the department stores in Japan, and the ydo have pre-made chocolates as well and they won't disappoint you!
  • These are their Ruru Mary's variety designed for you to enjoy your time and relax while you have your favourite chocolate. 

Chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries: Strawberry Chocolate

  • They use resealable bags to keep them fresh and tasty longer.

Japan's well-known brand: Fujiya's Peco-Chan chocolate pops

  • Here's another famous Japanese confectionary brand. Fujiya's can be recognised by the cute character Peco-Chan with her tongue sticking out.
  • The character's face shaped chocolate is made out of three different flavours, which are milk, white and strawberry flavours. They come in a packet of two, for you to share them with anyone you want!

    Well, Japan sure has different ways of doing things, but it sure is interesting to try a new culture. So go on, give your loved ones a sweet treat this valentines day!
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