Food in Japan is at a Different Level: Korankuen's Chocolate Ramen

Tokyo Food Ramen 2020.02.04
Valentine's day chocolate in Japan is a unique tradition on its own, and when that meets our favourite food, ramen, that becomes another questionable topic. Does it taste good? I don't know. This chocolate ramen is available at Korakuen, a Japanese ramen chain restaurant for a limited time.

When chocolate meets ramen.

  • Image sourced from Korakuen official website

    Titled as "The Forbidden Love of Chocolate and Ramen", Korakuen, a Japanese ramen chain, released its limited seasonal menu late January. This ramen comes in two different flavours, one is milk chocolate flavour and the other is white chocolate.
    Both are available from the 30th of January till the 11th of March.
  • Chocolate Ramen 640 yen
    Chocolate Ramen 640 yen
    Image sourced from Korakuen's official website.

    For some of you, this may be familiar, if you felt so, you're not wrong. This menu was also available last year. 
    Did they bring this back because everyone liked it? Who knows...

    The base of this ramen is soy sauce flavour, the chocolate colour comes from the cocoa oil added.
    The looks of it already puts you off, but according to those who have tried it, the flavour of this ramen has a slight smell of cocoa that actually matches with the soy sauce, and the taste itself actually is not sweet at all.
    Hmmm... would you be keen on trying this?
  • White chocolate ramen: 640 yen
    White chocolate ramen: 640 yen
    Image sourced from Korakuen's Official Website.

    This menu was newly added to the menu from this year.
    The base is salt flavour ramen and to be honest, it looks like Tonkotsu ramen or a salt butter ramen.
    According to those who have tried, the white chocolate adds that mildness just like butter flavoured ramen and the sweetness doesn't bother at all, or in fact, it actually matches really nicely. 
Both of these ramens come with ordinary toppings and a small block of chocolate.

Would you trust the comments of others? Would you try it for yourself to find out the actual flavours?
Let us know in the comments if you would like to try it or if you have tried it!
We are also keen on how you think about these unique Japanese foods.

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