A Japanese First - Strawberry Coke is Out on Shelves, and the JAPANKURU Votes Are in

Tokyo Food Sweets 2020.02.03
What did the writers at Japankuru think of Coca Cola's newest release? Well, unfortunately, our feelings toward the drink aren't all syrupy sweet.
Japan's new Strawberry Coca Cola, a thing of beauty, or...?

When soft drink giant Coca Cola announced the release of a brand new coke flavor, launching early in 2020, sugary drink lovers rejoiced. Strawberry, and Coca Cola, what could be better!? thought many. Others were a little more apprehensive.

Here at JAPANKURU, we like to get to know things a little before we judge them, so when we finally noticed the new, pink bottles of coke hitting the shelves of our local convenience store, of course we bought some to sample.
  • (We found it!)

The same as the rest of the world, our office is home to a variety of opinions and palates. But we passed around bottles, and took some sips...

...and, well, it's fine. We all agreed that the new soft drink was indeed very STRAWBERRY. While other fruit-flavored Coca Colas have, in the past, skirted the line between ~fruity fragrance~ and full-on flavor-blasted-coke, this one was definitely past that point. It was strawberrylicious.
  • (It was also unmistakably sweet.)

After this, opinions split. Some of the JAPANKURU team liked it, some definitely did not, and others thought it was pretty "meh." While your friendly local English-language writer thought it was actually too strawberry-sweet (it was a little much, and the other flavored cokes are way better), one of our Korean writers actually voiced this unique opinion: "I actually... don't like the flavor of coke, but this is okay. I like the strawberry flavor." So, clearly the strawberry was powerful.

After averaging out the opinions and thoughts of all our JAPANKURU tasters, we came to a conclusion about Coca Cola's newest flavor, strawberry coke:

It's okay. ¯|_(ツ)_/¯
So, really, if you love super-sweet strawberry candy, and think adding a whole pile of it to a bottle of coke sounds good, we recommend Strawberry Coca Cola to you.

(Have you tried it? We genuinely would like to know what you think of the flavor. Let us know on twitter, instagram, and facebook.)
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