Stay Home and Stay Full Like the Japanese - Social Distancing with Japanese Jarred Salmon

Nationwide Food Coronavirus 2020.04.04
Feeling stuck in a rut thanks to social distancing? Well, the people of Japan can relate, as the Japanese COVID-19 situation refuses to improve, cases of coronavirus increase, and people are stuck with whatever food is stashed in the pantry. Thankfully, some of those Japanese pantry staples might be just the thing you're craving!
  • Most of us are avoiding leaving the house, and only visiting the supermarket sparingly - great practices in this time of coronavirus social distancing. Unfortunately, with limited grocery shopping (and of course trying to avoid busy restaurants), we're all getting a little bored with pantry staples, aren't we? Which makes it the perfect time to look into the pantry staples of other parts of the world!

    Of course, looking for new food ideas was particularly easy for those of us living in Japan! Browsing Japan's many online shopping options, we came across this extremely Japanese salmon, and figured it might spice things up a bit. So we ordered ours from Rakuten. (If you're already thinking it looks pretty good, you can actually buy the very same brand and product on the international Rakuten Global Market.)
  • This salmon is called yakishake hogushi (焼鮭ほぐし), very literally cooked salmon flakes, and it's found in cupboards and cabinets all around Japan because of its convenience. Often you'll find it in the center of Japanese onigiri (おにぎり, rice balls).

    But the easiest way to enjoy Japanese salmon flakes is just on top of a bowl of rice!
  • Of course, to make it a little less sad and a little more delicious, we had to jazz it up! Add some black sesame seeds, some chopped green onions, and a splash of soy sauce for a little bit of salty flavor.
  • And you've got yourself a delicious meal, straight from the kitchens of every social distancing office worker and bored, hungry high school student (stuck at home due to closed schools) across Japan!

    Honestly, it's a satisfying and frankly delicious meal that you can throw together in about two minutes (or just 20 if you need to make rice first), and it made a nice change from the norm! And since it's 700~800 yen for a jar ordered online, enough for multiple meals, it's definitely better than ordering unhealthy takeout for delivery all the time!

    So, what have you been eating while you stay at home? Making any good Japanese food? Working through any ingredients you brought home from your last trip to Tokyo? Let us know on twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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