Taste of Tsukiji Fish Market in NAGATANIEN Ochazuke! Tokyo Limited Edition!

Tokyo Food Ochazuke 2016.10.12
All the traditional flavors of Japanese cuisine, combined into one steamy and delicious bowl!

NAGATANIEN's OCHAZUKE - Tokyo Limited Edition

What is ochazuke (お茶漬け)?
It is just simply white rice topped with seaweed and other ingredients and hot tea!! In one second, you can enjoy this nice traditional dish of Japan! If you need some fast and easy dinner ideas, ochazuke is definitely one of the best suggestions for you!

NAGATANIEN's Ochazuke Limited Editions

If you have seen our sharing before, you mush know that there are many special limited editions of NAGATANIEN's ochazuke. 

Do you know that there is one edition that can bring you the taste of Tsukiji Fish Market?? It is the Tokyo Limited Edition!

For this Tokyo limited edition, ideas from the famous fish market Tsukiji is used, and sea bream (真鯛茶づけ, Matai chazuke) and tuna (本まぐろ茶づけ, Honmaguro chazuke) ochazuke are made! The ingredients used in this limited edition are really from Tsukiji Fish Market!

What is special about Tsukiji Fish Market?

01. Just 3-minute from the shopping paradise Ginza by train
How about having fresh sushi and sashimi first before you start your shopping time in Ginza!

02. The largest scale of fish market in the WORLD!!
This 23 hectares big Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the 11 fish markets in Tokyo. The amazing thing about it is that the daily transaction amount is the largest in the world!!

Wanna enjoy the fresh taste of Tsukiji Fish Market at home too?

There is one simple and delicious product that you can get in Japan! It is..............NAGATANIEN's Ochazuke!!

NAGATANIEN's Ochazuke "Tokyo Limited Edition"

  • Just put all ingredients on top of rice. Look carefully!
  • You can see real dried tuna in this pack of ochazuke! It is not just the tuna-tasted soup.
  • When you pour in hot water or tea, you can smell wasabi from the soup. That's right, wasabi is also added to the pack to make this ochazuke more tasty!


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