Grilled Meat Under the Feet of Gigantic Godzilla in Shinjuku!!

Tokyo Food 2017.01.12

Japanese Yakiniku (Grilled Meat) Restaurant in Shinjuku!!

In the sleepless district Shinjuku, you can find lots of shopping centers, commercial buildings, sightseeing spots, and also the newly opened bus terminals. Speaking of Shinjuku, we cannot miss the famous area Kabukicho!

On the Central Road, there are many different restaurants and izakaya. Not too far from the Kabukicho entrance, you can find a famous Yakiniku (Japanese grill meat) shop where you can taste good quality Japanese beef! What's more? Even some Japanese super starts also visit this yakiniku shop!

Godzilla likes too!

Since the "Godzilla Road" gets so famous and the image of Kabukicho changed a lot in the last couple years, people started to gather around this area instead of gathering in front of the Shinjuku East Exit which is very crowded. So next time if you want to pick a good meeting point in Shinjuku, "Godzilla Road" is a good choice for you!

Excellent quality

At BlackHole, customers can even order something big and extra!! A whole big piece of awarded beef can be ordered here! Wanna get something in high-quality and do not mind to spend a bit more? Maybe this is what you want to order! However, it depends on your luck that day if the shop provides the awarded beef or not.

Grilling meat on charcoal!

Actually it is getting more difficult to find yakiniku shops that still use charcoal in Japan.

However, at BlackHole, they still provide charcoal grilling to make sure meat is cooked with the best taste. Grilling meat on strong burning charcoal fire gives you juicy and tender meat!!

Feel free to have more and more unlimited times!

Vegetables and salads are good choices to go with the meat too.

01. Tri-tip (トモサンカク)

You may not familiar with this name indeed. Tri-tip is the tender triangular muscle cut from the bottom of the sirloin. It just tastes like eating the fatty tuna!

It also goes well with the green onions

Price: 1,700 yen + tax

02. Flap Meat (カイノミ)

Flap Steak comes from the beef shank where muscles exercise a lot. It has a great meaty flavor and fine texture.

It is especially tastes good with garlic and green onions

Price: 1,600 yen + tax

03. Chuck Flap Steak (ザブトン)

A good balance of meat and fat makes this steak tasty.

Suggests to eat it with some lemon juice squeezed on.

Price: 2,200 yen + tax
  • Unique way to enjoy the grilled meat!
    Unique way to enjoy the grilled meat!
    BlackHole provides 8 different types of green onions sauce for you to eat with the grill meat!

    Looking for a healthier way to eat grill meat? Try eating it with these green onion sauce which makes a good balance with the meat.
  • Specially made alcohol to go with the meat!
    Specially made alcohol to go with the meat!
    Black pepper is added to these two special drink which gives an interesting taste! It goes very well with the alcohol indeed!
  • Korean style pancake
    Korean style pancake "Chizimi"
    This time, we ordered the "Half-Half Korean Pancake" (Korean Pancake with rice cake and cheese and Korean Pancake with shiso (an Asian culinary herb) and lotus root). We can try two different Korean Pancake at the same time!!

    Half-Half Korean Pancake, 1,200 yen + tax
For those who are not into beef or do not eat beef, don't worry at all! On BlackHole's menu, you can find many other dishes that are not beef or made with beef.

Foreign visitors are welcome!!

On the English menu, you can find two sets on the front page which include everything from salad, appetizer, meat, vegetables, rice and drink. So if you don't want to think about what to order, these two sets are good choices for you.

Next time, when you come to Shinjuku, please don't forget coming to the Central Road to see the big Godzilla and have a delicious yakiniku meal at Wagyu Shio Yakiniku BlackHole!!

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NameJapanese Yakiniku (Grilled Meat) Restaurant in Shinjuku!! ~ Yakiniku BlackHole ~
AddressAddress: 1F Big Lemon Building, 1-15-5 Kibukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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