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Kansai Food 2017.04.25
Enjoy the delicious taste and experience the history of Kyoto!

A Kyoto-themed Izakaya Ikedaya (池田屋)

Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan, and also the representative of Japanese traditional culture. We have found an interesting restaurant in this city of a long history of the ancient capital.
Today, we would like to introduce you a themed restaurant under the concept of a famous historical event in Kyoto. "Ikedaya" refers to the "Ikedaya Incident" in ancient Japan.

What is the "Ikedaya Incident"?
In Japan's late Edo period (1864), "Ikedaya" was a location at Sanjo, Kyoto.
At that time, "Shinsengumi," organization that  served as the guard of Kyoto, to maintain law and order, attacked Choshu and Tosa Clans in this politicial chaos. In this incident made it clear that SHinsengumi were a powerful force in Kyoto. After that, this incident was claimed it hastened the fall of the bakufu and delayed the Meiji Restoration. 
  • MUST-CHECK 1 ~ Interior design
    MUST-CHECK 1 ~ Interior design
    Detailed interior design and decorations help recreating the scene of the historical event. Visitors would enjoy taking pictures.
  • MUST-CHECK 2 ~ Props Display
    MUST-CHECK 2 ~ Props Display
    A corner of the ultra-rich historical atmosphere! Learn the history through the props easily!
  • MUST-CHECK 3 ~ Comfortable atmosphere
    MUST-CHECK 3 ~ Comfortable atmosphere
    Heart-warming atmosphere!
    Good for friends and family or couple.

Wanna experience some unique Izakaya?

Ikedaya is a nice choice.
Delicious food, traditional and historical interior and atmosphere!
If you have chance to come to Kyoto, why don't you spend a visit?

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