The BEST Natural Tonkotsu-ramen shop! Ichiran: Open 24-hours!

Tokyo Food 2015.09.29
Enjoy some of the best ramen in Tokyo at Ichiran Ramen located in Ueno.
  • ICHIRAN Ramen at Atre JR Ueno station!
    ICHIRAN Ramen at Atre JR Ueno station!

    When you come to Ichiran, you can enjoy natural Tonkotsu (Pork-soup based) ramen from Fukuoka with your own private booth!

    Japanese and visitors from around the world alike are willing to line up for it!

  • Simple menu of Ichiran
    Simple menu of Ichiran

    On top of the basic ramen, 

    you can have additional toppings  (pork, seaweed, leek) and 

    soft-boiled salty egg, and rice.

    For dessert, there is almond tofu and Ichiran special original blend of"oil-reduced tea. "

    Of course beer is available!

    Ramen with beer!!!

    The perfect combination!!

    Cash and  e-money (SUICA and PASMO) is available for payment!

  • Enjoy a private meal
    Enjoy a private meal

    Perhaps one of the biggest features of Ichiran, is a

    partition in both sides of the table, creating a spac available for one person.

    Yes!!! An unique cultural aspect of Japan!

    "Private style"

    A lot of foreign visitors are longing to experience this!

    Of course, there are normal tables as well for groups!

    Once you order, 

    you can just fill out the form and indicate the taste of soup and thickness of noodles

    and give it to the staff!

  • Japanese Soul Food
    Japanese Soul Food

    A Tonkotsu ramen full of soul!

    Representative of Japanese ramen!

  • Refill Please!
    Refill Please!

    Part of the fun of eating ramen is

    he ability to refill noodles on top of the soup left!

    This is one of the many ways to enjoy Tonkotsu ramen!

    Order up!

One of the top 5 Ramen shops in Japan.
Ichiran sets the bar quite high
It's not an exaggeration to say that it is the representative of Tonkotsu ramen,
Classic Tonkotsu Ramen
This shop located at the Yamashita exit of Atre Ueno is open 24-hours

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