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Tokyo Food 2015.09.30
Located inside the Shinkjuku Station location of LUMINE EST, take a fantastic food expedition with us!
The Gooey Flavor-filled deliciousness of a crunchy cream puff
The Gooey Flavor-filled deliciousness of a crunchy cream puff
Walking anywhere nearby this cream puff shop, you'll soon be slapped in the face with 
the mouth-watering aroma of ZAKU ZAKU!

This is the first Tokyo store in LUMINE EST Shinjuku Station!!
Weekdays 11:00~
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10:30~
Just like the saying "Good things come to those who wait", this shop is extremely popular so make a trip there as early as you can so you don't have to wait long.
Don't miss it!
  • Just how popular you ask...
    Just how popular you ask...
    ZAKU ZAKU cream puffs are so popular that they actually limit customers to 12 cream puffs per customer.
    From the outside, it just seems like a simple cream puff.
    But why it is so popular??
  • Made Fresh Daily!
    Made Fresh Daily!
    After ordering, 
    the staff fill the freshly baked from the oven puff with a special custard cream.
    Just the right balance of crunchy and creamy^^Indeed! A fresh taste!!

    By just looking at it,
    you feel the deliciousness and the crunchiness!
    Its crunchiness is made by the almonds on the outer shell!
    What a perfect match with the custard inside.

    ZAKUZAKU  Cream Puff  
    250 yen 1 piece + tax
    1,450 yen 6 pieces + tax
Make the Most of your trip to Tokyo
Make the Most of your trip to Tokyo
This is a must see shop on your path to all the best eats in tokyo
Don't miss it when you visit LUMINE EST Shinjuku!
And enjoy your Tokyo trip!
Must-eat for sure!!!!

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