Must Eat Food in Sendai ★ Recommended Food That You Can Only Get in Sendai!

Tohoku Food 2017.08.24
You can't leave Sendai without eating Sasa-kamaboko! Sasa-kamaboko is minced flounder that is in the shape of bamboo leaves, and baked. So basically it's like a baked fish cake🐠

Sendai's Sasa-Kamaboko That Has a History of 80 Years

Takeda's Sasakamaboko makes it's famous sasa-kamaboko by using techniques that was popular during the Edo era. Since there wasn't a good way to preserve fish during that time, they figured micing it was best and the tradition stook!
What's really cool about the sasa-kamaboko is the reasoning behind it's shape! This particular shape was inspired by the bamboo leaf in the family crest of the Date clan, which controlled Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures during the Edo Period (1603-1868). 

Visit the Factory

At Takeda's Sasakamaboko Factory, you can take a tour of the factory to learn the process of making the fish cake. Then at the end of the tour you can taste the freshly baked sasa-kamaboko!!
  • Grill Your Own Sasa-kamaboko (Fish Cake)
    Grill Your Own Sasa-kamaboko (Fish Cake)
    Getting to experience things yourself is the best part of Japanese factory tours!! For one skewer it's 260yen and you get a grilling time of about 15~20minutes. You can bet that it'll taste great because you grilled it yourself!
  • Not Your Average Tuna!
    Not Your Average Tuna!
    This tuna is special to Miyagi Prefecture. Not only is it fresh and delicious, IT'S SUPER LONG! The raw tune is served in a bowl that has a spicy green chili sauce inside. We dare you to take the challenge and finish it all at once!

Things to Take Home!

There is a souvenir corner that has all of Sendai's MUST EAT/BUY goods! Food like a local favorite beef tongue. There is plenty there for everyone. So take a look before leaving and get something to remember your trip by! 

Takeda's Sasakamaboko 
Business hours: 9am~4pm
20 minute walk from station


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Basic Info
Address2-15-31 Minato-cho, Shiogama-shi, Miyagi
StationShiogama Station
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