#Rockin Hard ' at the Hard Rock Cafe - Tokyo

Tokyo Food 2015.10.12
Feel the style and rhythm of this jammin' hardrock cafe in the heart of Tokyo! The punk style of the hosts, the bumping delicious food, and the melodic background music will have you on cloud 9.
Ueno Station Hard Rock Cafe
Ueno Station Hard Rock Cafe
If you are in the mood for non-stop Rock Music, authentic American cuisine, and distinctive service from staff in Japan, then we have the answer for you.  Rock music lovers definitely won't want to miss out on this museum-like attractive Café.
Starting in London in 1971, Hard Rock cafe has now expanded to 62 countries including Japan. This Ueno store marks one of the six stores in Japan.
    Like a museum, the interior is designed and filled with the concept of rock and everything it encompasses. Enjoy the decorated musical instruments and costumes of various famous artists.
  • The Hard Rock Staff
    The Hard Rock Staff
    They definitely fit the mood of the cafe. The staff are made up of rock lovers so you'll feel right at home when you visit. They offer the same great service with a unique rock spirit!
Edo assorted fried Hamburger (1, 980 yen)
Edo assorted fried Hamburger (1, 980 yen)
This limited edition meal is only offered in Atrē Ueno Station store!180g beef with tempura and seaweed sauce, What a fantastic fusion of Japanese-style and an American burger! Of course, it is recommended to try it in it's entirety with the original tempura sauce. 
Want to give it a try?!
Have a Hard Rock Good Time
Have a Hard Rock Good Time
Other Than the great eats, there are also Hard Rock Cafe merchandise that is for sale at the shop. Be sure to pick up your matching Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirts or themed cups to complete your collection. 

Hard Rock Cafe (Retro Pavilion 1F    Open Hours Restaurant 7:00 to 23:00/ Rock Shop 10:00~23:00 weekdays/ Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9:00~23:00)

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