Japanese Cosmetics Brand CANMAKE ✨The Best Glittery Makeup You Need for Parties

Tokyo Shopping 2018.01.09
Shimmer Your Way to 2018

Slap some more sparkle on and say hello to 2018!
🎉Party Makeup Looks🎉 ✨Shimmery Makeup Tutorial

🎀What you'll need🎀

🎊 Eye Nuance #20 (
Pink Raspberry)

🎈 Jewelry Shadow Veil #02 (
Romantic Gold)

🎊 Color Change Eyebrow #N01 (
Cranberry Red)

🎈 Wink Glow Eyes #03 (
Romantic Aurora)

🎊 Candy Wrap Rich Color #01 (
Smoky Rose)

☆○o。EYESHADOW 。o○☆

After you've applied your base/foundation it's eyeshadow time!
The eyeshadow we used is a popular trio eyeshadow palette
that has a unique opalescent shadows giving your eyes some added translucence.

You can get a nice gradation eyeshadow look in 2 easy steps:

  • 🔆STEP 1🔆
    Pink Shadow

    First take the pink shadow and use it as a base color, evenly spreading across the eyelid going a little past the crease.

  • 🔆STEP 2🔆
    Purple Shadow
    Using a brush that can pickup a lot of pigment, take the purple shadow and draw a semi-thick line along your lashes. Doing so gives you a pretty gradient eyeshadow look. 

  • Item used
    Eye Nuance
    Color used: #20 (Pink Raspberry) 

    580yen + tax
    CANMAKE Eye Nuance (ENG)


A shimmering veil that adds the perfect amount of sparkle and glamour✨ There are 2 base colors, silver and gold, however they aren't so pigmented to where they overlap your already applied shadow.

We applied the Veil in 2 spots:

  • 🔆AREA 1🔆
    Apply on Lower Lash Line

    First apply the gold (or silver if you'd like, for this look we used gold) fully across your lower lash line.  

  • 🔆AREA 2🔆
    Middle Lid
    Next, dab on the little rounded part in the center of your eyelid. 

  • Item used✨ 
    Jewelry Shadow Veil
    Color used: #02 (Romantic Gold) 
    600yen + tax
    CANMAKE Jewelry Shadow Veil (ENG)

☆○o。EYEBROWS 。o○☆

CANMAKE's eyebrow gel line has a new fun color!
Their new color change gel in Cranberry Red gives adds a little fun to your look
by giving your eyebrows a hint of red and glitter!

  • 🔆HOW TO USE🔆
    Sweep along Eyebrows

    You can either use this as your eyebrow gel or as a highlight. 

    You can build to add more accent color and glitter if you'd like✨

  • Item used
    Color Change Eyebrow
    Color used: #N01 (Cranberry Red) 
    500yen + tax

    CANMAKE Color Change Eyebrow (ENG)


Originally a shimmery cream eyeshadow,
we used CANMAKE's Wink Glow Eyes in Romantic Aurora
to create the latest trend in a purplish dewy shimmery highlight.

  • 🔆HOW TO USE🔆
    First Apply Small Amount on Hand
    Put the cream on the back of your hand about the size of a grain of rice.

  • 🔆HOW TO USE🔆
    Apply along Cheekbones 

    The take a tab on your finger and spread diagonally up along the cheekbones.

  • Item used
    Wink Glow Eyes
    Color used: #03 (Romantic Aurora) 
    500yen + tax
    CANMAKE Wink Glow Eyes (ENG)

☆○o。LIPZZZ 。o○☆

This particular high pigmented lip gloss 
keeps your lips moisturized and looking kissable💋
What's most important is that it doesn't leave your lips
with that icky sticky feeling.

  • 🔆STEP 1🔆
    Outline your lips with the gloss

  • 🔆STEP 2🔆
    Fill in Lips
    The tip of the applicator is slanted 
    so it makes it easy to outline and gives you total control.

  • Item used
    Candy Wrap Rich Color
    Color used: #01 (Smoky Rose) 
    650yen + tax

    CANMAKE Candy Wrap Rich Color (ENG)

  • If you want to add something special to your look,
    how about adding some star shaped glitter around your eyes!
    You can easily find some at the store,
    even if they aren't the same as what we used we know you'll look great!!
    When applying to your face, 
    use a small amount of primer or eyelash adhesive to make them stick.
    **We recommend eyelash adhesive to ensure they stay put!** 

    This makeup expresses different glimmer on the eyes, face, and lips. 
    Even though it is so beautiful together, 
    one or two of these items can be used in as a part of your every day look.

    🎀You can buy CANMAKE cosmetics at any Japanese drugstore!🎀


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