Japanese Beauty and Health Products 👣 Japan's Body Care Foot Sheets from Don Quixote

Tokyo Shopping 2018.05.09
Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet 👣 (足リラシート)

Trying a Popular 
Japanese Beauty and Health Product
👣 Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet 👣


Have you ever seen these sheets for sale in Don Quijote or a Japanese drug store?
I came across these and I wondered,
"What exactly are these for?" and
"Do these really work?"
So I thought the only way to know is to buy one and try it for myself!


👣Japan's Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet👣
from Don Quijote

There were 5 different types for sale at Don Quijote,
all sold in either a pack with 2 sheets (for 1 use)
or a box of 30 sheets (15 uses).

The individual packets are sold for 200yen
and the box is 1900yen.

⁑These are the sheets that were available⁑

  • Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet
    Premium Sheet with Titanium 

    *for those who want to focus on foot care*

  • Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet
    Chili Pepper

    *for those with poor blood circulation*
    perfect for those who have cold feet! 

  • Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet
    Japanese Wormwood

    *for those concerned with dry skin*

  • Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet

    *feel refreshed in the morning*

  • Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet

    *body detox*


Trying Out the Kinomegumi 
Ashirira Foot Relax Sheets


As I was looking at each individual pack trying to decide which to get,
4 different women also got one!
Two that looked like they were in college,
and the other two maybe in their 30s~40s.

I ended up getting the Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet in Grapefruit.
I figured with the detox, 
I would be more likely to get some crazy results!

  • ① Take out the contents from the package
    ① Take out the contents from the package

    Inside is sheet tape (with the blueprint) and two bamboo sap powder packs. The ingredients in the packs contain bamboo sap, chitosan, dextrin, chameleon plant (dokudami), loquat leaf, tourmaline, vegetable fiber, Vitamin C, and wood vinegar. 

  • ② Peal the sheet
    ② Peal the sheet

    Open the bag with the seal, there are two pieces in the bag.
    Peal the big part of the seal off like this.

  • ③ Stick the bamboo powder pack to the seal
    ③ Stick the bamboo powder pack to the seal

    Then stick the baboon powder health pack to the sheet! (Of course, remove the bamboo powder pack from the plastic first) I messed up the first time, so I'd recommend you do it slowly and carefully. 

  • It should look like this~
    The second one I carefully lined the page up with the sheet
    before putting it on, and got a pretty good result.

  • ④ Stick the sheet to your tired feetsies!
    ④ Stick the sheet to your tired feetsies!

    Then put it on your feet!
    You can easily do it yourself,
    I just had my husband help so I could take pictures. 

  • ⑤ Repeat for the other foot!
    ⑤ Repeat for the other foot!

    Make sure it's put on well 
    so it doesn't come off!

  • ⑥ And you're done!
    ⑥ And you're done!

    And it should look something like this!
    It's a bit poorly placed, 
    but it still got the job done so it's alright haha 


I was a bit worried if the sheet would come off while I was sleeping,
but it didn't!!
The Ashirira Foot Relax sheet stayed on!!!!

Let's see the results⁑

  • By the time I woke up, the powder pack was hard!

  • ↖left foot and right foot↗

I didn't know what to expect!
We were wondering if it'd really work...and if it did, 
what would the color of the pads be like when I took them off?
The foot relax sheet was weirdly sticky.
So when you take off the sheets,
make sure to have a wet towel or something on hand. 

How did I feel afterwards?
I slept really well and had some weird dreams.
Then woke up with a small headache.
Now whether that relates to the Ashirira foot relax sheet,
I'm not sure, but that was something different from the norm. 


The Entire Kinomegumi 
Ashirira Foot Relax Series 

  • You can buy these sheets at a drug store or even the brand's internet site
    where you can find a variety of special scents.

  • Other types like ginger
    (to warm up and relax the body),
    relax rose ("awakening femininity"), and hot mat (generates a heat of under 40℃/104℉).

  • A vegetable series was recently released, 
    so you can now balance your body with vegetable power!
    The vegetable series includes;
     tomato (aesthetics boost), spinach (power up),
    Japanese pumpkin kabocha (vitality boost), 
    and carrot powder (motivation boost)!

There are also now Ashirira foot relax sheets for men!
The men's version is to help with odor and relaxation. 


The Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet make great presents, souvenirs,
✦✧or even for your own personal pamper stock✦✧

They're super cheap and you can get them 
at any drug store or Don Quijote.
So if you happen to pass by some Ashirira sheets hanging in the store,
pick your favorite type and 
see what your sheet looks like when you wake up in the morning!


★KINOMEGUMI Ashirira Foot Relax Sheet
Ashirira Foot Sheet Website (Japanese)
Ashirira Foot Sheet Online shop (Japanese)
Can buy at Don Quijote or Japanese drug store
(below is Don Quijote price)
Individual packets (2 sheets, 1 use)- 200yen
Box (30 sheets, 15 uses)- 1900yen

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